Duncan's shooting slump

100x, eh? Right, right.

Two hundred times

He might–might–have more upside. In the few U of I games that I have seen, though, JCL has basically been a shorter, less effective version of Robinson. His stats bear that out. He does not create at all, mostly shoots 3s, and he makes them at a worse clip than Robinson.

There is certainly nothing about his game that would make any sane person think he will end up 100X better than Robinson.

200 times.

You don’t see any potential of Robinson developing a to the rim game? He’s flashed it a few times.

200 times bro

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He could develop one as of this point 80% of his shots this year have been 3 pointers. In other words he’s a designated outside shooter. There’s nothing wrong with that but to this point this is what he is.

I do not. I see him as a catch and shoot guy for the remainder of his career. He couldn’t shake McQuaid Saturday. Three inch height advantage and couldn’t get a shot off when it was him one on one with him. That’s not a good sign.

Like I said before, I would love for JB and his staff to develop a post move or two for Duncan because he has shown he can be crafty down there. He’s 6ft 8in and is a guard. He’ll have at least a 2-3 inch height advantage most nights and on switches, even more.

This is the one area I do feel he could get individually better at. It’s an area you don’t need to be crazy athletic or have a huge height advantage to be effective. It would be another way to get him involved, which is what he and the team needs.

Unfortunately, I don’t see the staff working on that part of his game. So as it stands, he’ll continue to be a catch and shoot player.

My god stauskas was good. Those highlights just brought me back. Watching nik take shorter guys off the dribble and rise with no hesitation for the pull up was a thing of beauty. Compare that to Zak’s awkward dribble drives and fall away twos…feels much longer than just two years ago.