Do you think any 4th year seniors will petition the NCAA for another year of eligibility?

It seems like a decent argument an attorney could make that a 4th year senior was stripped of the opportunity to lead his team to a conference tournament title or NCAA tournament title in his final year of eligibility. This is, of course, assuming the NCAA tourney is canceled. It could add to an already wild situation if somebody like Cassius Winston pushed this topic and wanted to return next year.

No. In more words, no. I’m actually laughing at the thought of Izzo getting Cassius back next year :rofl:


No I don’t think so

more likely to petition for a tournament over the spring/summer id think

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Ignorant question from me: Can a student/athlete still participate in an event representing a university after they’ve graduated and the semester has ended?

The NCAA baseball tournament doesn’t even start until June

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College football playoffs occur after the semester has ended.

Its not fair these players dont get to play in a tournament their senior year but its also not fair to grant one class an extra year of eligibility at the detriment of high school recruits and other classes of players in college. That only limits the scholarship opportunities for those players. Its also not fair to just allow schools to go above the scholarship limit for seniors because its not fair to other schools who have less players in the senior class.


Pretty much nailed it. It’s not fair. Any attempts to make it fair make it unfair for a whole host of other. It sucks. But ultimately it has to be reality.

Baseball and softball have more of an argument since so much of their season is left. But idk about the solutions in those Sports.

It’s anecdotal and not directly connected but a friends son was to wrestle in the D2 championships in S.D. that were just cancelled. Senior. Likely an All American. Devastated to say the least. The coaches and athletic people at his school are saying the NCAA is granting an additional year of eligibility. He and I are both dumbfounded and don’t know if the school is accurate or where this is coming from. He is to update me as he finds out more.

I heard the same, the IVY league is requesting the additional year as well. I’m a skeptic when it comes to the NCAA governing body, they have not in recent memory been able to adapt policy or adjust to controversy in a timely fashion. Not the most functional group IMO!


I just don’t see how that possibly makes any sense in basketball. A majority of players have already had their seasons end by elimination. Most don’t get to play in the tournament anyway. We’re gonna let everyone play a whole extra season because of 20% of seniors missing the tournament?


Yeah, and there is a precedent just based on injuries. They don’t grant a whole extra year if a player misses the tournament because he’s injured.


If it does happen though and um get teske and Simpson back in addition to Christopher, that team is going unbelievable.

Well, that’s not going to happen unless Simpson and Teske don’t count against scholarship limits.


Basketball is a sport that relies on players wanting to play for free in order to make the NCAA, sponsors, and schools a ton of money. If you have players who stick around when maybe they could’ve gone pro, like Cowan or Winston, plus great 4-year college players like Simpson and Teske, you think it looks good to just say “Well… thanks. Good luck.” Those guys made the Big Ten so much money this season and then just had it abruptly shut down and are told their careers are over right after going through warmups today.

I don’t see it actually happening, but I think it’s a possibility somebody talks to a lawyer about it. This is something that has never happened before and typically in those situations if people ask for exceptions to be made, it’s hard to say no.

I also think that there’s a real chance many kids would say they would return right now but not in a couple months. Playing professionally might make more sense for many, even at other levels.

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I don’t think it makes any sense. Too many issues that would need to sort out. But we are in completely uncharted territory, so who knows.

I could see sports that started in the last month or so (Baseball, Softball, Tennis) granting Seniors an extra year but not sports that are finishing their season.


Can you imagine the squad we’d have if the NCAA were to grant an additional year to seniors that doesn’t count against the scholarship limit…my God.