Do you think any 4th year seniors will petition the NCAA for another year of eligibility?

As much as I’d love that, I really really really don’t want to see a 5th year Cassius Winston with Tillman, Hauser, Henry, Watts again next year


Half of the Ivy League teams are missing exactly one game because of the cancellation. Some teams are finished. Do Minnesota’s players get an extra year, but not Northwestern’s?

I really can’t see the NCAA doing this, nor do I think they should. It’s too bad that people are losing out because of the cancellations. The NCAA isn’t at fault for that and they don’t have a reasonable remedy.


Also it wouldn’t make sense for the Ivy League to request that. Isn’t it a rule that anyone that’s graduated can not play? That’s why Towns and Aikens have to transfer. Plus yeah like you said, most Ivy teams barely missed out on anything.

It’s an unfortunate situation for sure, and I feel bad for the kids, but legally speaking they’re not entitled to play in the NCAA tournament, or have an additional year. The NCAA could decide to do it on their own (though it seems like a logistical nightmare), but I don’t see a legal right to it, if that makes sense.


I believe the ivy is asking for spring sports not winter sports.


That makes sense. I’d agree if they can work it out logistically

I think all seniors should be given a 5th year that doesn’t count against scholarship limits if they want it.

Some smaller schools likely had seniors who were going to their first and only March Madness. They got robbed of that experience.

Extremely unique situation should have some unique exceptions for these athletes.

The problem is that not all seniors had their season disrupted. Do schools that weren’t going to make the tournament, like Northwestern for instance, whose seasons were already over get an extra year? How would you legislate that?

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This seems unworkable. For example, Team A has 13 kids including 6 seniors and 6 already signed incoming recruits to fill the roster. Suddenly, the 6 seniors can, and do, come back. Does Team A get 19 scholarships for the year? If some of the 6 signees signed because of playing time they saw with 6 seniors leaving, are they let out to sign elsewhere, and are they screwed in any event because the places they would have gone are now full up? Do kids who are not seniors, but missed a chance to play in this year’s tournament get the same extra year down the line? Do teams which weren’t going to make the tournament lose their seniors while the better teams get to keep theirs? How about bubble teams–do you have to decide which teams would have made it to know how to treat each senior? Way, way too many questions, including another dozen or so I can think of off the top of my head.

I feel horrible for every kid whose career ended prematurely because of this. Sometimes though, there is an unfortunate situation which canot be reasonably remedied. This seems to be one of them.


I agree that it seems unworkable in a sport like hoops, that had already essentially ended for most NCAA players.

Spring sports are an interesting case. My son is a freshman on the Wayne State University golf team. His team has 7 seniors, a top 25 ranking, and had a real shot at reaching the national tourney. Poof…gone. 5 of those seniors will not be playing professionally, so their competitive careers essentially ended yesterday. I feel terribly for them. If an extra year of eligibility were offered, I could see at least a couple of them jumping at the chance.

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Should players who miss the post season due to injury qualify for medical redshirts in the future too?

I’m beginning to think the wisest course for the NCAA would have been to announce all play was suspended for a month, not canceled. That would have allow for the possibility of working out a way to finish the season, even if it seemed unlikely.


Spring sports…sure. Discussion to be had. Winter sports? Nah, no way to fairly administer that. Sucks for them, but it is what it is.

Seems they are backing down on this. Still will update as I hear more. In the meantime, here is this for any of you that are interested.

Change petition for extra eligibility.

Some teams which had already earned an auto bid this year won’t earn it again next year.

I agree it sucks for them, but what’s done is done. This season won’t be replicated a year from now.

It’s the right thing to do for spring sports. They need to drop the conversation for winter sports


Of course he is :joy:


His reasoning is its gonna help guys’ draft stock :rofl:

dude is already trying to convince Cassius Winston to come back


This would just make absolutely not sense from a recruiting standpoint. You’re gonna have all kinds of decommits if they do something like this. Plenty of talented players around the country committed to teams knowing certain roles would be open for them.

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It’s an interesting idea to consider for winter sports but I’m not sure how you reach a fair solution. Allowing all seniors to come back screws over rising juniors and rising seniors. Do those guys get a 5th year for their lost opportunities as well? Not sure there’s a fair solution.

Unless no one loses a year of eligibility from this entire season. Not sure how possible that would be though