DJ Wilson, Moe Wagner declare for NBA Draft without agents


Same thing that Michigan did with someone like Jake Butt, right?


I’m not entirely sure, and meant to look into that. It’s a very recent change in NCAA rules, like Butt may have been one year early for the school to pay for it instead of him and Bridges may be benefitting from the first year schools are allowed to pay for the policy? Seems like a big change, particularly because schools can afford to pay for higher payouts than families would be able to pay for on their own. Protecting downside risk is never cheap (I remember how costly puts were in my options trading days) - getting someone else to pay for your downside risk changes everything. Paying for a little downside risk protection may be doable, but it takes institutional money to truly cover downside risk sufficiently. Butt’s policy definitely didn’t make up the difference. It sounds like Bridges policy would leave him a lot more whole.



What if getting housed in Ann Arbor causes his value to dip?


Good news as a late rd pick (hopefully) he should go to a team with talent who can push him and fit a role instead of star expectations.



Those must be tough meetings for a coach to have.


The phrasing of Beilein’s statement suggests he didn’t think Wilson should go.


I didn’t take it that way. What makes you think that? I’m not criticizing, only curious as to what I may have misunderstood



Looks like Wilson is trending up the mocks…now consistently going in the 24-30 range, including a bunch of folks where he was previously not in their draft.


There are a lot of surprise projections but my favorites are the two that say Ball falls to the Sixers in one and the Knicks in the other. Papa Ball would not be a happy man.


J. Simmons MAAR C. Matthews D. Robinson M. Wagner
Possible starting lineup for next year, Duncan to replace Wilson as starting pf, I personally believe Robinson’s true position is sf, but at 6’8, a typical pf’s height, I believe he can come up big down the stretch with his great shooting ability, although I am heavily worried about his strength and rebounding.


The Ol’ Man vs. Philly Fan? Yes, please!


Yep, endless entertainment.


Something tells me he would be ok with New York



Wilson and Levert reunited could be fun. Lots of minutes available in Brooklyn. And now they have a point guard!


The Nets pick #22, so a strong result for DJ. Personally, I think he can go higher than that, maybe 15-20. DJ has plenty of warts, but he also has some outstanding characteristics for today’s NBA.


The Nets also traded the 27th… which means that Wilson’s guarantee could have been at that spot…