Depth and future rotations


I don’t know - he seemed constitutionally incapable of standing solidly behind Haas - constantly got on one hip or the other and allowed Haas to shoot over nothing. I understand that, unlike Teske, he doesn’t possess the strength to stop a guy like Haas from getting good position…but even from there he struggled.


Yup. That’s why I never mentioned post defense.

And even last night he was pretty good blocking and altering others helpside.


Wagner’s flaws as a player (strength & post defense) are unlikely to improve with another year in college. Even if he comes back and Frank Kaminsky’s the NCAA next season, his NBA draft stock is unlikely to rise much above where it likely will be this April. So not much upside to returning and — as shown by his ankle issues over the last 4weeks — there is considerable injury downside to returning.

I’m never going to say it is a bad decision for a guy to return to college, but unless he REALLY just wants to enjoy his college experience another year, the smarter move for his career is making the jump to a pro system and starting to get paid.


If he comes back and win NPOY, he’ll absolutely raise his stock significantly.


I mean in the context of if he’s not going to make the NBA this cycle, then why leave a degree on the table for one year making just over six figures in Europe? Why wouldn’t he come back and get the degree and try play his way into the NBA? That option has never made any sense to me.


maybe he gets 7 figures to play in Europe? Even a few years in high 6 figures is not anything to scoff at. I don’t know much about subject, but there appears to be at least 30 players making at least $1,000,000 to play ball in Europe


Alexey Shved Khimki 3,400,000
Rudy Fernandez Real Madrid 2,800,000
Joel Freeland CSKA Moscow 2,700,000
Vasilis Spanoulis Olympiacos 2,600,000
5. Nenad Krstic Anadolu Efes 2,500,000
Milos Teodosic CSKA Moscow 2,500,000
Juan Carlos Navarro Barcelona 2,500,000
Sergio Llull Real Madrid 2,500,000
Tyrese Rice Khimki 2,300,000
Jan Vesely Fenerbahce 2,200,000
Nick Calathes Panathinaikos 2,100,000
12. Ante Tomic Barcelona 2,000,000
Sergio Rodriguez Real Madrid 2,000,000
14. Vitaly Fridzon CSKA Moscow 1,900,000
Gustavo Ayon Real Madrid 1,800,000
–. Justin Doellman Barcelona 1,800,000
Dimitris Diamantidis Panathinaikos 1,800,000
Luigi Datome Fenerbahce 1,700,000
–. Derrick Brown Anadolu Efes 1,700,000
Andres Nocioni Real Madrid 1,600,000
21. Sergei Monia Khimki 1,500,000
–. Viktor Khryapa CSKA Moscow 1,500,000
–. Petteri Koponen Khimki 1,500,000
–. Nando de Colo CSKA Moscow 1,500,000
–. Ricky Hickman Fenerbahce 1,500,000
26. Jamon Gordon Darussafa Dogus 1,350,000
–. Jordan Farman Maccabi 1,350,000
28. John Bryant Bayern 1,300,000
–. Giorgos Printezis Olympiacos 1,300,000
–. Brad Oleson Barcelona 1,300,000
–. Bogdan Bogdanovic Fenerbahce 1,300,000


Keep in mind that every country in Europe (along with Turkey, Israel, china, etc.) has 4-5 different leagues. There are a lot of players in Europe. That’s the top of the top in the best leagues. It’s hard to get salary information, but it does not seem like a guarantee that a guy like Mo would get even a 6 figure deal. No Chance at 7 figures.


I have a suspicion you don’t know a whole lot about Wagner’s marketability either and I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

I’m content to watch it play out.
I’m just so used to M players leaving early, I’m jaded.


If that list is right and only 30 people are making a million in Europe, than Mo certainly isn’t making a million straight out. I don’t know the exact number so probably not worth guessing.

But IIRC, Mo said sometime in the offseason that he would not leave early to go to Europe, it would have to be an NBA opportunity. I may have been reading into the comments, it’s been long enough that I don’t remember exactly what was said.


Nenad Kristic? Now there’s a blast from the past. I think he was a Net back when Jason Kidd was. Early 2000’s.


If he continues to play like he has the last two games, I seem him as a top 20 player.


Wasn’t there a similar conversation about DJ Wilson’s flaws this time last year? He might not be getting much NBA run, but he is getting paid. No idea what Mo should do, but a big man with his perimeter skills and ability to beat his man off the dribble will draw some interest at the next level. Don’t know what the league rules are, but if he’s able to test the market again to solicit advice on where his skills currently rate, he should probably at least do that. Obviously the selfish part of me hopes that he comes back.


Moe isn’t making a decision right now… It is January.

But to think that he won’t go through the NBA process considering he went through it last year and is having basically the same offensive season while significantly improving his rebounding is a bit silly. Trying to project what the NBA will say at this point is tough.



I like Dylan’s thought of Johns being a small ball 5 eventually. He looks every bit as tall as DJ Wilson, and seems much more college ready


I think next year we will see lots of small ball five. Some with Livers potentially too


I’m trying to envision Nunez in the rotation next season and it is difficult.
Assuming Wagner departs

Davis or Castleton

I don’t see a spot for Nunez, and then there is Ibi Watson who shoots well and will be a junior, as a candidate for a spread the floor shooter.

I kind of think a role for Nunez doesn’t materialize unless there is more attrition, like Matthews and or Watson not returning. Really I guess it would be contingent on Matthews not returning, and for the love off all that is good, Matthews should return for at least one more season


I think so too. Johns and Livers are going to provide a degree of flexibility that is going to be interesting to watch play out.


All he has to do is beat out Brooks and Watson for minutes. Which isn’t that outlandish. If DeJulius ends up backup PG, then Brooks would have to see minutes at the two. But he hasn’t shot the ball well at all in college so far. Ibi isn’t proven either. He has a solid percentage from deep right now, but it’s less than 30 attempts. He is also a black hole when he is on the floor. He throws away too many possessions by shooting the ball whenever he has it in his hands.

Not saying Nunez will get minutes, but it’s not like he has to beat out proven options.


I would agree if I thought he were competing for minutes with Brooks, but I don’t think he is. Nunez imo will be competing for minutes with Matthews, Iggy, Watson, Livers, and Johns; I don’t see where he gets many of those 80 minutes. It’s not that I think Nunez isn’t talented enough to contribute, rather I don’t know where his minutes will materialize.
In short, Nunez easiest path for minutes is backing up Poole for 8-10 minutes a game, but I don’t believe Nunez will play 2 next season.