Depth and future rotations


Glenn and Charles are different players, but the consistent Glenn hate by so many Michigan fans still cracks me up to this day! He’s one of the more under appreciated players of the Beilein era in terms of his skillset IMO.


The expectations were over the top.


Yes, again, they play completely different roles here, but I don’t see how that would make Matthews more appealing to the NBA when his skills wouldn’t translate very well to an NBA 2 guard. If you can’t dribble or shoot you’re going to have huge issues there.


GRIII was an elite finisher because, in addition to ups, he has great body control and touch around the hoop. (Video for evidence and also b/c down the Purdue.)


I still can’t believe that pass from Levert…


Rondae Hollis-Jefferson seems like a best-case comp for Matthews, in terms of draft prospect. RHJ maybe an even better athlete, and played on a better team, with Matthews a more developed handle and better shot (RHJ shooting 26% from 3 this year…).


With the high quality passers we have on this team and CM being such a high flyer I’m surprised we’re not putting in more lob plays for him (or Livers for that matter).

I agree with Dylan on GRIII. Really under appreciated for playing out of position. I don’t blame him for going but I think it would have been interesting to see him come back one more year to be “the guy”.


Now that we are getting a new glimpse of Wagner’s potential, I think he will be the answer to who leaves to open up the needed roster spot.
My best guess at this point is Matthews stays and as I type this I’m kinda talking myself out of this opinion. This is in effect his junior season, he just may want to move on if he ends season with a flourish.


I’m still of the opinion that Mo is a marginally draft-able prospect, even if he keeps playing well. He just isn’t gonna be able to guard anyone.


I think as he continue to mature physically he can find a roll in the NBA. I’m thinking his value will be as high as it’s going to get if he continues to show ability to rebound. His offensive skills are very good. Def NBA offensive ability. He can run a pick and roll. After this season I suspect he will either head back to Europe or, hopefully, find a role on the Detroit Pistons


Wagner’s game certainly has its flaws from an NBA standpoint, but the same could be said about pretty much every Michigan player who’s left early for the pros under Beilein. The question you also have to ask is, how much will he improve in those areas if he spends another year in college? In Wagner’s case, maybe not that much.


Or he could come back and follow up his good junior year with an outstanding senior year and establish himself as one of Michigan’s all time greats.


On a team would be a realistic contender for a national championship


I’m not sure why a kid, who by his own words loves the college experience, would leave a year before getting his degree to go play pro basketball in Europe…Especially when that option is always going to be there for him.


Yeah, I’m not saying it’s necessarily the wrong financial decision to leave (if someone will pay you more than about 60k or so, it’s technically the right financial decision to go pro). Just that I don’t think he’s got a guaranteed NBA windfall waiting for him. If he gets feedback from the NBA that he’s a late 2nd but more likely undrafted, I could easily see him choosing to spend another year in college if his only real option is a 100-120kish contract in Europe.


Regarding Mo’s draft prospects, it’s hard to say right now. If he finishes the year shooting 45% from 3, keeps up his rebounding, and has a couple big games in March, his draft status might look pretty different than it does right now. And he’s still the same age as a typical basketball sophomore (won’t turn 21 until after the season) so he may still be able to play the potential card.


The one thing I just don’t get about Mo is that is great asset on offense - footwork and footspeed - is completely absent on defense. His fouling is a major issue, and one completely aside from this, obviously.


Well, maybe for the same reason that a lot of other guys who enjoy playing in college leave early…to grab the money before the possibility of an injury that would diminish their value. Or maybe he thinks he’s done all he can to improve his game at the college level and it’s time to move on. I have no idea what he’ll do, I’m just saying those may be factors.

And, as noted, he would hardly be the first Michigan player to leave early despite not being a slam-dunk pro prospect.


He was referring to people who keep saying he might leave for Europe, as opposed to the NBA.


It’s not absent on defense. He really shows well on pnr and can really hedge well when that’s the gameplan. MSU game with 6:00 left is the perfect example.