Crisler Center & Big Ten Crowd Atmosphere

OSU fans complain about this NBA feel with their stadium a ton.

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Yes that can be true, Virginia and Breslin do a great job of keeping the college like atmosphere with great premium seating though.

Show a source of Breslin center suites if you’re going to keep saying they exist lol


A) Is this a render? Why are they not advertised anywhere or available to purchase tickets in? All I ask for is an official MSU site where they advertise this or offer it.

B) If you want to talk about a school wasting potential money, why would they build suites and wipe the internet of their potential use lol. Every single big ten team advertises their premium seating on their website and MSU’s mentions nothing but courtside.

C) those, if legit, aren’t suites akin to a pro team or OSU. That size and those amenities… that’s like the same thing as the Crisler boxes that I posted. I guess they have a sink that Crisler doesn’t? Like I said, Crisler is about Big Ten average in all of this.

Honestly, having watched a game from the corners there quite a bit where they sit overflow media… I think U-M’s offering is probably better. That whole area under the concourse is very claustrophobic IMO.

Michigan’s offering is pretty similar, it just is “open air” because Crisler has the interior concourse that doesn’t exist at the Breslin.

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They need to lay out some Frita Batidos or something on that table if they really want to make it Premium seating.


Now THAT would be enticing! “I say Frita…you say Batido…Frita…Batido!!!” Can you imagine all those old farts up there just chanting away! I mean, WOW! Crisler would be rockin’!:rofl:


Frita’s is the only place on the planet where I am happy to order the veggieburger option instead. What an incredible place…


My overall point is I don’t think um generates the money it needs to from premium seating in order to convert high dollar lower bowl seats to more student seats. I think a huge reason why they aren’t is because the experience of um’s premium seating is not good enough to command top dollar. I mean look at the revenue Illinois is getting from their suites

I understand why um did not put more resources into it too. Given the lack of interest in the program at the time of crislers renovation, it was a laughable to think um would be able to sell a bunch of high dollar premium seats. However, I now think it’s the main reason why um won’t expand the lower bowl student section. They simply don’t want to lose that revenue and don’t have a place to make it up.

Now that you said something about some minor non-basketball accomplishment there somebody now must suggest they hang a banner. Might as well be me.

Hey, man, my seats are in 128. I’m not a big donor but have had season tickets since the 70s. The issue, IMO, is the football fans who have a lot of priority points, get the best seats and then don’t show up often, don’t even give their seats to someone who will show up, or donate to Mott, who will sell them.


Random: On season tickets, when do sales usually open for them? Now that I’m back in the area, I’m ready to buy in.

:dart: this is right on.


I hate the football program, I say as someone who loves the football program.


I don’t know about their premium seating but I went to a game at Breslin two years and was surprised how uncomfortable their seats are. I guess it encourages you to stand.

Overall I think Crisler is pretty solid as a venue. We just need to find a way to have more students close to the floor.

btw there’s evidence that home crowds drive foul disparities that are large enough to significantly impact wins and loses:


I like this change and agree that something to boost the energy would be good.

FWIW, I’m 99% sure the students sat behind the basket in the pre-Amaker days. I remember a friend of mine had season tickets a few rows behind the Michigan benches when I was a kid. I got a great view of that ass-whooping Illinois put on us to end the '89 regular season.

I grew up going to every Michigan game and went to Purdue for undergrad attending many games. I would definitely say that Mackey is a much more intimidating and loud arena than Crisler. The student section at each end of the court helps a lot with the noise as well as the design/shape of the arena. Great atmosphere and would be a fun road game to attend for all of you!

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I remember the days of Bill Buntin and Cazzie Russell were roaming the courts oh man those were the days…