Crisler Center Attendance



Another rivalry game where more players showed no emotion than those that did.


Wasn’t sure where to place this question, and its probably an easy answer for a lot of you, but who is the older gentleman that has his courtside seat next to JB and the bench?

I’ve always wondered, because I don’t recognize him, but assume he is a UM celebrity that I just never had the guts to ask out loud.


It is Al Glick


Ha - and that’s why I was gunshy in asking. Can’t believe I didn’t know what Glick looked like. Thanks man


I think, and hope, that after this win Crisler is now going to be sold out or close to it for Thursday. Big big one coming up and they deserve the support.


$6 tickets on stubhub.


I definitely don’t think it’ll be a crazy atmosphere at all, so tix price probably won’t change much.

I do hope at least casual fans show up to fill it, or close to fill it. Hey, it’s not an early week 9pm game at least ha!


Yeaaaahhh, I doubt it. Fanbase doesn’t react positively that quickly. Based on the data, I’d project about 809 or so students at the game.


Cheapest tix tonight on Stubhub are in the $20 range (without fees). Still pretty cheap for a big game but at least they aren’t still going for under $10 ha. Still hoping for a good crowd to spur them on.


My random guess is around 11,500 official attendance with the usual empty seats in the lower bowl.


i wish there was a site that where fans could post videos of how loud and obnoxious they are, and people who want to throw a few bucks to help with tickets could pool money in to crowdfund them. I’d contribute if it meant we gain some improvement in home court advantage. The lift other teams get from a fully engaged/intimidating home crowd is pretty impressive.


You were close! 12,128 in the box score.


At least it seemed like the atmosphere was better.


That’s paid attendance. Actual fannies in seats around 11,000, IMO.


I was given the impression that it was much lower than that.


In was there. It’s just a guess, but there were scattered empty seats in the lower bowl and a lot of empty seats in the uppers, especially at the south end. 11,000 is my estimate of actual attendance. I will say that the crowd was into it and really responded when we dug in and mounted the comeback in the second half.


I wonder what the Purdue crowd will be like?

Senior Night, Spike’s return, big game, team’s been hot.


Starting to seem like it’ll take some tournament wins and national publicity before we can count on decent attendance, energy, and interest.


And will Donnal/Duncan be honored during the game too… I assume Donnal will be?