Crisler Center Attendance


I would also add that in addition to a lack of a large, loyal hoops fan base, the fact that general UM sports fans have to split their dollar between hoops and hockey in the winter season adds to the lack of Crisler attendance.


Crisler is also smaller than many other venues, making it sometimes hard to compare attendance to other teams. UM could sell out every single home game and still have lower attendance that IU and MSU because capacity is 3000 to 6000 lower per game.


MSU had 16 wins against the following teams: FAU, ARPB, EMU, BC, BSU, Binghamton, UMES, Northeastern, Oakland, Minnesota, Illinois, PSUx2, NW, Rutgersx2. You’re also giving them credit for home wins over NIT teams in OSU and Florida. That leaves us with marquee home wins of Louisville, Maryland, Indiana, and Wisconsin. It’s nice but hardly a vast chasm between the two schedules. Obviously this is comparing a mediocre Michigan team with one of the better teams in the country, but the bottom line is that Michigan’s resume of wins and marquee home wins are pretty much on par with what you’d expect for a bubble team.

This season wasn’t what any of us hoped for, but its hardly the disaster scenario that some here are painting it as.


Is there a chart of attendance over the last 20 years? Or anyone that’s really good with google and excel and has time that wants to put together a table?

I’d be curious to see attendance during the Ellerbe, Amaker, and Beilein years.

I don’t think our attendance is awful nor good. I do wish we had a little crazier environment for big games but the Crisler renovations really brightened up the place and I think we’ve come a long way in the last 5-10 years.


True, but the fact is that we were not selling out our smaller arena. Had we had attendance like MSU, we would have sold out every game.


can someone sum up the point of this thread and what people are saying please i dont wanna read all of it


Basically just debating the appropriate age for young pitchers to start throwing curve balls.


I’m not saying our basketball attendance would match IUs, but if you look at year long numbers, there are definitely many years we could have sold a few more thousand tickets to at least a couple of home games.

And even this year, in conference games we averaged 12,300 per game, and capacity is, what, 12,600? Over the whole year we averaged 11,600, including all the body bag games. And this year started pretty slowly after a really down year last year. Again, UM attendance isn’t going to be like IU’s attendance anytime, but having a smaller gym probably exacerbates the difference when you look at year long numbers. Probably makes for a better environment though, and it’s a good trade off.


I am saying the program and athletic department have to accept responsibility for the situation they have. Once again you ignored the point of the 4 year snapshot which is huge. If you were a student coming in Sept 2014 and bought season tickets and after that season where the team was below .500 and not in any sort of tournament. I wouldn’t blame a fan for not renewing, it’s sports but it’s also about being entertained I doubt those fans were entertained. Even if that fan gave them a pass and renewed for this past year do you think it was entertaining at Crisler this year and a great product? I for one as a student on a fixed budget may not want to put forth the money if I fear it will be wasted and I will not be entertained. Every game is almost televised now I could go to the bar for every home game have a couple drinks and enjoy myself much more.


“We don’t have a culture of basketball success” might be correct if we are thinking in terms of the last 5-10-15 years, but we absolutely do have a culture of basketball success historically. I’m not saying that a swarm of 20 year olds should proactively care about what happened before they were born, but I do think that the program could do more to promote awareness of that culture of success the same way that m football 20 yr olds know that we are the winningest program had the highest winning %, etc. Would it resonate with everyone? no, but it would certainly help build some stronger awareness and stronger roots. (Dating myself) first year of maize rage in 1998-9 season really emphasized this and it went down well, even with Cazzie’s teams (which predated me), people knew what the story was and had a longer than 5-15y view of what the program meant b/c it was emphasized. And not meant to be a Maize Rage specific comment, the AD could do even more if they weren’t so ashamed of elements of bad behavior and/or how to decouple successes prior to them from those infractions.

May be more accurate to say that “the existing student fan base doesn’t have the view that there is a culture of success” which more correctly identifies the problem.


Perception is the culture of the program, man. We obviously have history, but we’ve only had like 3 good seasons in 16 years. It’s gotten worn away. Let alone the fact that we don’t embrace the 90s. It’s been so long since Michigan was consistently relevant that no one knows anything about UM Hoops anymore. Earlier in the year I shared a story about the person behind me in line for a game this year didn’t know who Jalen Rose was. It’s that bad. Kids have grown up thinking that Michigan will just always suck at hoops.

I’d say that the average perception is probably that Michigan’s 90s success was similar to SMU’s success with Eric Dickerson.


Well, most of UCLA’s greatest basketball achievements aside from 2006-8 are from the era before the dinosaurs, but apparently they still qualify as a blue blood. And they can’t fill Pauley, either, even for a rivalry game. I guess not having snow is a pretty big recruiting bonus.


Florida made 3 straight Elite 8s and still struggled with attendance. Football rules in Florida.


Idk if people really think of UCLA as a blue blood anymore tbh. Or atleast, I don’t.


I won’t debate that one’s own perception is one’s own reality. What I think is underestimated is the ability for the different bodies who’s perception encompasses a larger view to have influence on the perception of those who have a narrow view. The Maize Rage could play a role in this, as there are always the die hard historians in the group. The Athletic Dept has a role to play if it wants to, and I think Warde is open to this. Putting the banners back up would help b/c the 7 F4s puts us in pretty special company.

I think UCLA has a culture of success. I think 99% of this board would say they do. Doesn’t mean that the current student body couldn’t have a different opinion, but the AD and surrounding ecosystem make damn sure everyone knows they won 11 titles, 7 straight, have X hall of famers, etc etc. Not comparing us to them historically, but meaning to illustrate how this sort of “institutional knowledge” can be embedded in the fan base through structural efforts.


I wasn’t able to catch the game on TV tonight, how was attendance and atmosphere?


Atmosphere was pathetic



I said in the other thread that I have no clue how the team wouldn’t play hard in a game like this, but the same goes for the crowd. Not only is it rival team with the season in question, but it was a very close game throughout. It just doesn’t make sense.


Crowd passion mirrors teams passion