Crisler Center Attendance


I definitely think Donnal will but Duncan won’t. I believe Michigan Basketball had Irvin, Walton, Donnal, Dakich and Lonergan on the social night tweet.


That’s right at the start of spring break so we’ll probably see even less students that usual.


Forgot about spring break. That’s not going to help at all.


The student section will be PACKED completely full for the Purdue game. However, it will only be 403 seats (only bleachers) because it is a break game.


$50 cheapest ticket for a single and $60 each for two together.

Should be a great environment and crowd tomorrow based on that, even with Spring Break.


Officially a sell out now and cheapest stubhub tix for 2 together are $85, single is $70.

Going to be a great atmosphere. They need it today!



Surprised by that national ranking.