College Hoops Open Thread


Alford is a terrible coach. They have the talent to be much higher than top 50 where that shouldn’t even be a question.


LSU beats Texas A&M by 1 on a last second three



Waters is really dang good. What a great group of Freshmen this year in college basketball. Unfortunately for Waters he doesn’t get as much pub, but man some exciting and great players.


Tremont Waters is a killer. Kid can really hoop.


Another great day of hoops so far… Notre Dame beats Syracuse by 2 after a steal with 8 seconds left and a fast break Kobe assist to the trailing guy. Tyus Battle had hit a game tying three with under a minute left.


LSU is now 10-4 and maybe a little better than many thought.


Waters is crazy. Lsu was down 5 with 18 seconds left and he hits two thirty footers to win it.

Really good day of hoops so far. But super excited for the Oklahoma West Virginia game at 715. It will be interesting to see if the wvu pressure can limit trae young.


NC State knocks off Duke.


Ted Valentine considering retirement because of social media backlash. Big Ten removed him from two games this weekend.


Reads to me more like “Ted Valentine wants attention”. Which is pretty in character


Yeah, I was wondering when the reality tv show announcement would be…


We don’t play @Rutgers this season, but I thought this was pretty funny and worth a share:


We’re 31st in the AP poll. Other teams of note, MSU 4th, Purdue tied for 5th, OSU 29th.


Not sure why Creighton is ranked.They beat NW and UCLA back when people thought those teams were better than they are so I guess people just assume they should be ranked. Their best win is a neutral site win over UCLA


Without any bias at all, I think Andy Katz has the best and most accurate poll out there right now.


Just awful news down in Austin.


Good win for Texas, obviously an emotional game. Pretty crazy game, too.


Texas 2-3 in last five games. Eric Davis 18 today in 1 pt road loss at Ok St. 4/5 from three.


wolverheel got some karmic retribution for our loss to Purdue at the end of the UNC game… Gibbs takes it in the face, but no whistle. UNC holds on.