College Hoops Open Thread


I automatically scrolled down to 25-36 because that’s where I thought we’d be. Didn’t see us in there and was like “How in God’s name are both UCLA and Texas ahead of us?!?!?!”

Had to scroll up and see us in the teens


Yeah, I was surprised about how high he has us. Although I must say, some of his decisions in this week’s edition are major question marks IMO (Tennessee moves from 19 to 32 after losing in overtime by two points on the road to his #23 team???)


I did the same.


To add on top of the Katz poll, I believe Seth Davis had Michigan as a Buy+ team. (I don’t have a, Athletic subscription to confirm) They’re buying and believers due to the Defensive numbers so far.


Some of Tennessee’s drop could have to do with its schedule — or perception of its schedule. Several of the PowerConference teams the Vols played each lost early in-conference games last week. Might be an overreaction to drop them that far, but there were more circumstances to drop them than just that one reasonable in-conference road loss


The only buy plus team in his entire report


Wow, that’s surprising and nice to hear. I always enjoyed this article on SI.

Thanks for confirming and sharing.


MAAR quietly humming along with the 10th lowest turnover rate in the entire country and 2nd lowest out of all power 6 conference players. He’s the only one of the top 10 who shoots more twos than threes [edit: One guy is about even but has 1 more two point attempt].


Or Tennessee’s drop could have been a clairvoyant moment in advance of tonight’s loss to Auburn? :joy:

(I did think the drop was a little too severe at the time his rankings were published)


I think Andy Katz being psychic is the only explanation.


He knew you’d say that.



I just hope the ACC keeps him!


Man, UCLA bigs really struggle defensively with that high pick and roll action. In this 2nd Half tonight they’ve given away 3 or 4 easy dunks because of big men making bad hedges on high screens. Allowing Stanford back in this game with poor defense.


Stanford just Michigan’d UCLA to force OT. Choke job for UCLA unless they pull out this win.


Wow, Holiday. Great game heading to 2OT. You could hear someone yelling foul him (assuming the coach) but they let him get a shot off to tie it up as time expires.


Woof, UCLA down 4 with 30 seconds left. Would be a brutal loss as Stanford is an awful 214th in RPI.


Dammit, UCLA. This hurts.


Drops their RPI from 38 to 49 using that RPI Wizard site, but I have no clue how good of an approximation that gives. I really hope they can stay in the top 50 for the year.


Have to believe they’ll be up and down all year - have to hope for more of the former.