College Hoops Open Thread


Izzo’s already made his excuses in the presser today. Quote “it does not mean much if we win and won’t mean much if we lose”.


I hope Duke badly exposes MSU tonight. Their fans think this team is infallible, I’d love to see a nice whalloping to silence that.


I am hoping MSU sets a record for turnovers.


That was a ridiculous first half… I think MSU can do better on the glass, especially without Bagley.


Surprisingly enough a young Izzo wing did not improve his perimeter skills in the offseason. Shocking.


Jaren Jackson is the best player on Michigan State and I don’t really think it is close. He’s special and I’m not sure he even knows it yet. Completely changes their defense and then he has that three-point stroke.



"clearer financial picture specific to the vehicle.”


He’s not wrong though


Yeah, he’s terrifyingly good. And still a long ways to go to reach his potential. Hope he does it in the nba next year.


Another level than Bridges? Ehhhhh Jaren’s three point shot is on fire right now and he might lead the country in blocks. But him and Ward just let Duke get 14 offensive rebounds in the first half


If I was picking in the lotto next year I’d take Jaren.


My biggest hot take from this half is that if we had Cassius Winston we would be a top 15 team


Cassius. The next time he plays any defense will be the first time.


JB’s offense + Cash in ball screens would be a thing of beauty.


There’s a reason why he wanted to go to Michigan, lol.


I think Duke got lucky that Carter is staying in the game. I know he probably didn’t intentionally nail Carter in the jaw, but it wasn’t a basketball play


The last thing you can do is just let Miles Bridges shoot from deep. Force him to put the ball on the floor.


MSU has 15 turnovers and has allowed 21 Offensive rebounds and it’s tied…lol


And Duke has a top-3 pick on the bench with a swollen eye.