College Basketball Open Discussion


I figured that I hadn’t seen it more because it doesn’t get rewarded. I can’t see that getting whistled in the B1G, even if the offensive player ends up in the stands next to the pep band.


Your memory is impressive!!! It’s an interesting play - there’s part of you that sees the genius of it while the other part (as you said) doesn’t want the game decided by that type of play. It reminds me of baseball teams with the hidden ball trick or the football “pretend you’re talking to the ref about switching the ball” although I think there’s more strategy than trickery in the basketball play.


I was there (in '89) and sitting next to my law school roommate, a rabid Illinois fan. The play took place right below us. Illinois assistant Mark Combes went nuts when a foul wasn’t called. To his credit, my friend, despite his extreme disappointment with the result, said a foul should not have been called on a play like that, though he insists, to this day, that Higgins pushed off on Nick Anderson to get position for the offensive rebound leading to the put back.


Just was looking at st Mary’s results on the year since they have such a good record. You would think for such a weak conference they’d play more big non conference games. You think that’s their choice of people are running and ducking them?

Only power conference team was Stanford. Pretty weak. Then Dayton, uab ( plays where now) and then solid mid major w. Kentucky. Uc irvine I think is a good mid major too.

I’m not seeing a top 25 team here. Every time they played someone good which is pretty much just the zags they have gotten spanked. Now down the at half at home. Top two zags on the bench in foul trouble too.

Zags didn’t play well. I’m predicting zags blitz them full strength second half. Win by 21. Also st Mary’s just failed my eye test. They look like a team that would be a nice Cinderella double seed if no one knew about them but as a 7 or 8 seed I think I’m most match ups they’d get waxed.

I’d love for Michigan to be a ten with st Mary’s the 7. I think we’d win pretty easily most times.

Also I’m gonna beat the dead horse here. I think boheim might have another low seed final 4 run on his hands. Gotta give him props. Done that a lot lately. Ohh tyus you indecisive scumbag. What if Tyus has a huge tourney and they go on a run. Can he parlay that into a Malachi type jump into the low 20s or higher pick?


For sure.

But if running over the screener causes the inbounders pass to be obstructed, then I’d be pretty upset with it not being called.


SMU and Cincinnati tied at 28 at halftime. An SMU win here would be a nice boost to the 'ole RPI.


4 wins away from a guaranteed tournament bid. At least 7 games to play. Beating Wisconsin on Thursday would be huge.


If we come out flat can the refs keep us in the game like they did for them at kohl. At least even it out for us after stealing our win.


Doesn’t add anything to this discussion, but in the Va/VaTech game, the ball got stuck on TOP of the back rim on a layup. (In OT nonetheless)

I don’t think I’ve EVER seen that happen before.


Does it matter to us when a team you lost to like VT gets a big win over a highly rated UVA team? Does that do anything to help our metrics or tourney profile?


Helps the RPI a bit.


Yeah it helps the SOS


I believe that it does not actually help our RPI, but it can boost Va Tech’s RPI which helps our RPI Top 50 wins stat if it moves them up a bracket.

The fact that it’s so weird and convuluted like that helps indicate why RPI is such a bad stat.


It does boost Michigan’s RPI at least a bit. Half of the RPI is your opponents’ winning percentage.

RPI = (WP * 0.25) + (OWP * 0.50) + (OOWP * 0.25)

So Virginia Tech beating Virginia gives a slight boost to the 2nd two numbers.


Oh yeah I know, I just meant there wasn’t a particular bump for a big upset because of how the calculation works. Just a standard bump for winning a game. And that 3rd part was gonna be the same irrespective of whether Va Tech won or loss (actually the 3rd part would be bigger if Va Tech lost, lol).


Just the 2nd


Playing Virginia by itself would final part of the equation.


Yeah. Virginia winning would help the 3rd number only. VaTech winning helped the 2nd number only.


I’m saying that Virginia Tech playing Virginia (a top-25 team) would boost the final number. It would be slightly higher if Virginia won, but technically it still increases by adding a top-25 team to that mix. Nothing significant obviously.


Okay gotcha