College Basketball Open Discussion


Yup, first possession of the game he goes up for a tomahawk dunk on 6’10" 250 Meeks and gets fouled. I wish we had someone with that aggression. Also let’s never discuss that game again.


I said it early this year and I’ll say it again. Gonzaga is very very good. Fews had some talented teams but man are they good. They play inside out but their guards are very good. Great three point shooters. Great post play.

I really like Jonathan Williams. Karnowski is good post offense. Collins, killiAn. Man if few blows this he’s the worst x and o guy ever. They have eight or nine guys who can really hurt you. Their a very solid d team too.


Holy Crap. How impressive is Oregon right now? Doubling up full strength Arizona half way through the second? I actually pegged zona to win this on the road. At least a toss up. Glad I did not bet on this one.

Could this be the year the west coast actually does something in the tourney? Ucla, Oregon , zona, gonzaga are all legit final four/ national champ contenders. I forgot to tape the games today so I didn’t get to watch this as planned ( I was very excited for this game). Got to think this is the year pac 12 gets back to the final 4/ title game. Very long drought. Farmars ucla? That was a long time ago.

Big ten can’t talk though. Can you believe how long our title drought is? Final 4 appearances every year but no elite title teams, obviously I think we were better than Louisville, I also think the year uconn won it that if we have Mitch that we beat Kentucky all day. Honestly though I still think even with Mitch that thst Michigan st team was far And away the best team, even better than us. They played their worst game all year and still was up on uconn at half if I recall. They just kept shooting threes over and over. I’m not sure why, never ever went to the rim or fed Payne. So odd.


watch cuse .they won again. Big comeback earlier in the week, they have a real nice long athletic squad. I’d hate to play them in the tourney


Haha, the tourney… right… NIT?


Their making a pretty serious run right now. I could see them getting in with 11 or 12 losses with how many big wins their piling. They got more chances. They look like a tourney team. The have g tech twice Clemson, Pitt, Louisville, and duke. If they go 4-2 their 19 and 11. With two top ten wins, 7-4 in the best conference in hoops currently. Then maybe ville or duke. I could see them beating either. With how hot they are I could see them going 5-1. Let’s see if they stay hot. 4 and 2 or 5-1 with a win over ville or duke and can you keep them out? Plus acc tourney you can add another couple big wins.


Does Michigan beat Kentucky that year if McGary and Cauley-Stein are healthy for both teams? Marcus Lee played out of his mind for 15 minutes but Cauley-Stein was really good big difference maker on the defensive end.

Pac12 will get a team in the Final Four this year imo.Oregon and Arizona are probably the best bets.


That’s fair. I read your comment wrong. I was thinking of if Michigan were to see Syracuse in the tournament. I found that to be laughable for Michigan. I have no platform or ability to evaluate Syracuse at this stage.


Ha yea stranger things have happened but sadly I really think we might miss. If we didn’t the odds of us matching up are slim to none. 10 versus 11 maybe


on a sour note, this kid has been balling


Yes I’ve watched cuse a lot lately because I really think their getting hot at the right time and they look pretty damn good. Kid is a stud. The idea of having him starting right now with maar leading the bench unit really burns. We’d be quite good. Then add Winston for x and damn this years squad could have been pretty ridiculous.

I’m gonna say it again, I think by tourney time that cuse is gonna go on one of their low seed deep runs. Elite eight or more


Cuse does it again


Winston didn’t look all that great last night and it is not the first time that has happened this year. He can’t even wrestle the point job away from Tum Tum.


Until x last night he would have been a big upgrade thus far. He would have been useful many times. It’s ok. I think I get what x’s situation is now. One of those guys who needs to be comfy and to settle in to play well. I’m ok with the trade off for now still.

If he somehow comes alive a little here it could really help


But that says far more about Izzo than it does Winston.


VCU with two improbable wins this past week. Each one came down to refs adding less than half a second to the clock at the end of the game.


That sceen there is a pretty smart play


That’s a brilliant play. Has anyone seen it used before?


Agreed. Flipping brilliant. Not sure if that was rolled out based on how GW had defended the inbound all game or if they went for that play and hoped it would work, as with 0.4 seconds to go your offensive options are limited.

Most of the time, a team goes with what GW unsuccessfully tried when they got the ball back, a pass to 3/4 court and a lame chuck at the basket, often after the buzzer.


Yeah, Illinois tried it against us in the national semis in '89 after the Higgins put back. It wasn’t called. I’ve seen it tried a bunch of other times and it wasn’t called. Refs typically do not want games decided by incidental contact 90+ feet from the basket in the last second.