College Basketball Open Discussion

The Tar Heels keep their consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance streak alive.


Its all over but the announcement. Really sad as the tourney is the best sporting event in the world.


Not quite…

Problem is college basketball has such a limited window for any postponement and I can’t imagine things being significantly better in the next few weeks. There will likely be more confirmed cases, not less. NBA and other pro sports leagues have the luxury of pushing back the calendar. NCAA doesn’t have that. Students will graduate and start the next phase of their lives. Future pros will be focused on that stage of the process in their basketball careers. I don’t think they could postpone it any later than April. Will things suddenly be safe by then?


I think it will be difficult too, but the NCAA has waited this long already to cancel because they’re looking for ANY possible way to hold the tournament.

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Do we think this will have any effect, aside from recruiting, on next year’s roster? Hate to see this as the silver lining, but Franz can’t show out in the tourney and jump to the NBA now.

Also, if Coronavirus continues to be a concern, are one-and-dones and other early NBA entrants going to prefer to keep their scholarships rather than face the prospect of an effective lock out?

I don’t see reason to be panic. i have been following this very closely ever since the very early days of the breakout in Wuhan. There will be more bad news in the next couple of days, more high profile individuals will be caught, but very likely it will slow down in two weeks as long as we all stay vigilant. For the tournament, it should postpone for now and wait to see if situation stabilizes in two weeks. I don’t see testing should be a bottleneck, which is a rather simple procedure that can be done by many labs across the country, except all those who handle the testing should follow strict safety procedure.


More like…IF we all become vigilant.


Testing is the bottleneck and it will not slow down in 2 weeks. You can’t even get screened unless you’re incredibly high risk or high profile.


Which starts with the CDC, and they always drop the ball.

This isn’t slowing down in two weeks.

“In separate briefings on either side of the Capitol, top public health officials told lawmakers that the U.S. must move to a new testing model that does not rely on the intervention of doctors to combat the coronavirus.

The officials — including Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — made the statements in response to questions about why U.S. testing capacity has lagged that in South Korea, where hundreds of thousands of people have been tested, more than 10,000 per day.

So far, in the U.S., only about 11,000 people have so far been tested, according to the briefers.”

testing general population will generate a large number of false positives, leading to anxiety and panic, and more follow-up test to confirm. That’s why medical screening should only be done on high risk population.

South Korea has gone the mass-testing route and it seems to be working quite well at flattening the curve.


The screening test is a real time PCR, which typically has pretty high sensitivity and specificity. For outbreaks, you want to test everyone because all you can do at this point is isolate cases as there’s currently no curative treatment options. The rare false positive (and for RT-PCR, that is pretty darn rare), the downside is very low (2 weeks of isolation) compared to the alternative (contacting more cases). That’s why Wuhan cases were finally decreasing, complete isolation of cases.


Highly doubt Thunder Dan would be open to an assistant role after being pretty successful as a HC but wonder if Michigan would try to sway him as a Assistant if multiple assistants leave. Wouldn’t be shocked if high majors reached out to him as a HC as well.

Why did they part ways with him? Grand Canyon has higher expectations than 4 20 win seasons in 7 years?


In theory, if the primer is specific enough, the false positive rate is low. But even if it is 1%, testing on a general population with prevalence far less than 1% will generate more false positives than true positives.

Grand Canyon has/had big expectations. For profit college. PAC 12 teams at one point refused to play them. I’m not an expert on the subject but they did things different. Jerry Colangelo of Phoenix Suns fame was involved with the school.

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