College Basketball Open Discussion

Am I mistaken or was there not just a tweet here that said the NCAA is advising against having events open to the public?

Yeah sorry. I posted it and then couldn’t find it on the NCAA site and wanted to make sure it is real. Appears that it is.

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Appreciate you verifying. And hoo boy, that is depressing news. Have tickets for the Greensboro regional that appear as if they’ll go unused.

Officially official

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Wouldn’t surprise me if the NCAA would tell fans to pound sand and not give a refund.

Collectors’ items, eventually? (Keep those stubs attached and those corners firm!)


Or repurpose as a bookmark.

They’re digital tickets, I cant even do that! :cry:

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What really sucks is that I likely won’t even have the small comfort of watching one final NCAA Tournament before I succumb to the virus and take my last gasp.


Won’t even be worth it anyway. No fans to add depth.

Washington of course loses to zona. Biggest underachievers in college hoops this year. Hopkins should be ashamed. How Stewart didn’t get a post touch every time down the floor is unreal. I can’t think of many low post players who were that dominate this year.

Tonight he scores 26 points on nine shots. 7-9 from the field 9-9 from the line. It’s a shame they wasted such a special talent and the country barely saw him or how great he was this year. Rarely got any press because they were so sloppy and constantly blew games.

They of course had 19 turnovers and McDaniel again does nothing. This team beat Baylor on a neutral floor by feeding Stewart non stop the last ten minutes. Just shows their potential in that win and honestly they didn’t play that well there very sloppy still.

Kid only averaged 10.6 shots a game. Shot 56 percent. How absurd is that. If he gets 18-20 shots a game they would have been a good team. Shot 76 from the line on 6.6 attempts. Yet no one will ever realize he might just be one of the top ten players in the country.

Wish he went to duke after all (I was rooting for Washington when it was down to two) that way he could have been a household name.


Also I’d add that he is going to be the steal of the draft. Since he’s an undersized big who plays with his back to the basket and out of the post mostly the mock drafts are sleeping on him.

He projects to a center but he has a nice stroke and I think he can eventually stretch his face up Game out to three. He already has an effective 15 footer. He also plays with the highest motor of any big out there and is a great shot blocker, rebounder, post defender.

If he actually falls to the twenties some team will be very happy. He’s going to be a star. Mark it.

Maybe similar to Thomas Bryant, who has carved out a solid NBA career.

I assume Hopkins runs a similar practice to his mentor where only the scout team plays offense.

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Lol, not sure if you making that comparison as a joke knowing they’re both Rochester cats and that’s why I’m promoting him so hard but he’s much better than Thomas, although Thomas was underrated and is going to have a nice nba career after all.

Isaiah’s rebounding and post up abilities are far greater. Also he has a motor you can’t teach. He plays incredibly hard and works constantly. His skill set will improve drastically because he’s willing to put the work in.

I actually think he’s going to end up being a small bell center on a team even though he’s just 6-7. He’s already stronger and tougher than most nba bigs. I’m picturing Ben Wallace with a post game. Maybe a better version of Montreal Harrell is a even better comparison.

I actually did not realize Bryant was from the same area. I was just looking at the comparison from the perspective that Bryant was an undersized center (and 5* recruit, too, though not nearly as highly rated as Stewart) who needed to develop an outside game to play in the NBA, and did. Either way, I do like Stewart a lot. Kinda reminds me of Robert Traylor when I watch him.

Cal beats Stanford so this post is meaningless now, lol.

If you watch the St. Johns/Creighton game (which is most likely your last chance to watch a live basketball game for the next 2 months) you’d have no idea it’s closed for “essential personnel” only. There has to be 1k people there. They even have cheerleaders!

F duke. Glad he went to Washington

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Big East just canceled as well. Halfway through the Creighton/St. John’s game