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When we were kids, Aunt Sarah used to buy us velour shirts for Hannukah.


Did you ever have the audacity to wear them to a public event?

My mom forced us to wear them to family events, but only if she knew Aunt Sarah would be there.

Broadly speaking, I think you could do velour in a few different ways, which explains the appeal to both Aunt Sarah and to MattD.


So you’ve been to a Final Four. :rofl:

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Holding back shade here, but why does MattD have a non-EM basketball twitter presence? Does the EM account like all the LAbound tweets and vice versa? Asking here to delay my inevitable block from both accounts.

EM is exclusively high school recruiting content for his site. LABound2 is his long-time personal account and he’s engaged with people on Twitter (including me) for years. Since becoming a bigger fixture on MGoBlog, he has started doing film videos on there for that audience.

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I assume EM is strictly used for that business and his other account is for personal/Michigan reasons.

West Virginia seems to be in a bit of mid-season slump after a great start to the year

And as soon as I say that WV has gone on a huge run, pulling close to OSU

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Was just looking at the ACC’s page on KenPom and noticed that Keve Aluma and Carlik Jones are #3 and #4 on the ACC “All-KenPom” team. Doesn’t seem great when up-transfers from Wofford and Radford are seen as among the best a conference has to offer thus far in the season. Contrast that with the B1G list of Garza, Jackson-Davis, Dosunmu, Dickinson, and Carr or the Big 12 with Jared Butler, Cade Cunningham, Derek Culver, Greg Brown, and Jalen Wilson.

In other words, the ACC is down.

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The NET released yesterday seemed to be running a bit behind. I think Colgate was insanely high because it was only including their 40 point destruction of Army, not their subsequent loss. They’re now 46th.

We can now say Michigan is at 5 and MSU at 120 too!



B1G has gotten better with recruiting and developing talents. They have a bunch of good coaches coaching in this conference which makes it a tough conference to play in. If only one of them can breakthrough and win it all, that would put legitimacy to the conference.


Yesterday I was musing about how our game with Illinois will be Chaundee Brown’s pro audition, as he will have the opportunity to D up a surefire NBA guard in the person of Ayo Dosunmu. Then I realized that if he had stayed in the ACC, he wouldn’t have had a comparable opportunity…

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I’m curious about the Oral Roberts PG Max Abmas. Has put up great numbers against good competition. The highlights against Cade Cunningham’s OSU are impressive.

Toledo comes back and nips Kent State by two, 84-82. Game wasn’t televised nor was there a live play log but based on following the box score that updated every so often, Toledo got off a buzzer-ish beater to break a tie game with :03 remaining. Rockets are now 9-3 and the clear favorite in the MAC.


Caught the very end of the game while waiting for a meeting to start. Toledo made a pretty furious comeback and tied it with like 90 seconds left. Kent State responds with a three of their own. Toledo then makes another three, to tie it again. Toledo got a stop and gets pretty lucky to have a blocked shot come back out to a driver who goes all the way in for a lay up. Kent State goes for the win on a long contested three that is just off. Great game actually.

Toledo is looking like they should be a pretty good win by the end of the season if they keep this up.

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Was it on ESPN3?