College basketball corruption charges


Wasn’t presenting it as such. I think Bowen Sr (the guy who openly admits that he was selling his son to the highest bidder) wanting Jr to go to MSU does not make them look innocent, lol.


Gotcha, I misunderstood.


More info



Alabama, Arizona, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Miami, Mississippi State, Oregon, USC and Xavier are implicated in this. Is this the first we’ve seen of Kentucky on one of these lists? Probably nothing that can actually be used (No proof that players had knowledge), but still interesting.


Given how in depth the trial went on Self, I’d be shocked if Kansas wasn’t also threatened.



it doesn’t seem to have any big impact as people expected


It’s almost like being implicated in the probe helped the teams on the recruiting trail. Just wait until next year and the year after that. Poorer but crooked schools will need to try to level the recruiting playing field by giving the illusion that their own NCAA violations are more egregious than they actually are. Rule following programs are going to need to drop anonymous tips (against themselves) everytime they give one of their players a sandwich. Even these tactics won’t be enough. How else will the little-but-crooked schools and ethical schools find ways to compete? At this rate, ten years from now, the otherwise ethical schools might need to pass out hundred dollar bills to their players, on live tv, if they hope to have any chance to compete with the likes of Arizona and Louisville on the recruiting trail.


Agreed. It’s almost like they get more respect for going all out to land a kid.