College basketball corruption charges




No one gets a recruit out from under Duke by cheating because they have a price-match guarantee!


Found this super interesting


I can’t believe Coach K gets such a pass. He’s supposed to be this leader in the college basketball community, dismisses the relevance of this case and acts like he’s above reproach. The media has no guts as well. You’re telling me a 70+ year old, who had only a single one and done player EVER (Kyrie), is now the king of one and done players and is doing it the opposite way of everyone else? Oh yeah, I forgot, he has Kobe’s phone number so kids today love him. It’s ridiculous.



Kansas assistant and former Michigan assistant coach Kurtis Townsend is implicated in Tuesday’s testimony. The rumors around Townsend have been out there for 20 plus years when he was on Todd Bozeman’s staff at Cal




This is a pretty shrewd move by the NBA rather than having to evaluate and draft HS prospects. 125k is a drop in the bucket and get a good evaluation base before drafting them against kids of the same age.

On the flip side, it won’t really eliminate one-and-done players from college basketball. The exposure and profile of college hoops still probably keeps the majority of prospects focused on that route.

This provides a path for Darius Bazley or Brian Bowen. Good players who could be pros and would rather be compensated than play in college… but wouldn’t be lottery picks. But what about Deandre Ayton, RJ Barrett or Zion Williamson?

Fact of the matter is that the current system works for the people who are making money off of it. A lot of posturing without real change. NCAA benefits from one-and-done stars on TV every nt. NBA teams benefit by having a year to evaluate those players.

I think the obvious solution would be to allow HS prospects to enter the draft and then sign one of these G-League deals if they go undrafted. Then play out a year on the GL deal and enter the draft the following year.


This is extremely interesting to me and something I need to think about more, but my initial reaction is that this won’t change things very much. Going this G-League route would be a huge risk to the non-sure fire, top 10 players in a class. Do you get $125K? Yes. But if it doesn’t pan out in the G-League, you are stuck at that level making either $35K (or ~$77K if they receive a two-way deal). Entering the G-League means a player can’t go to college for more years to develop further.

And the kids who would be taking advantage of this opportunity are 18 years old. The G-League has, I believe, an age average of near 25 years old. How well is an 18 year old going to fare against players far more physically (and mentally) developed? Will coaches who are trying to reach the NBA place an 18 year old’s development over the potential games that could be won playing more veteran players? How will the older players treat/respect the 18 year olds? What about exposure? Lots more to think about here.

And let’s be honest… a lot of these guys could likely still receive money at the college level, too :slight_smile:


They are also implementing scholarships for colleges (paid for by the NBA). I really like this idea as a whole. Definitely some issues that can and will arise. Biggest issue as far as play is concerned, will the teams and coaches (where they are assigned) be willing to truly invest their time and energy to these players when they know they probably won’t be with them (G-League or NBA team) again the following year

Another thing to think about besides the $125K, the players are allowed to get endorsements. Money is better than most European options (depending on where they start their careers). As we’ve seen over the last few weeks, will $125K be enough to entice a kid to play in the G-League or does it need to be more because they are already getting more through the shoe companies or college programs.


What is the piece about scholarships for colleges, paid for by the NBA? Didn’t see anything related to that. Alluded to it, but I see this as a move more enticing to a top 5-10 type rather than someone like Bowen, who I think was around 20. Will need a top player to successfully go thru this route for it to become more popular. If it does, could be good for a school like Michigan.



The real question for me is the impact of the endorsement deals. This could be millions for the top players.


Wait, not until 2022? I’ve been thinking the NBA one year rule might go by 2020 and secretly hoping it would happen late in a recruiting cycle leaving Duke and UK scrambling for recruits. Oh well.


For anyone who didn’t know, Darius Bazley actually chose NOT to play in the G League because he was afraid of doing poorly and getting exposed. And he probably would be. The Bazleys and the Bowens would get destroyed in the G League.

Tbh, I can’t imagine many players take this 125k deal unless they are a super elite prospect who reaaaalllly hates school.


I haven’t seen the NBA make any attempt to define “elite” yet. If it means they’re near locks to be lottery picks after one season, then players like Bazley and Bowen wouldn’t qualify. If it means one per team, then it will include a bunch of players who will never get drafted.

How this ends up working out has a lot to do with the NBA’s intent. Is it just a bridge to eliminating the age requirement? Do they want to stock a viable G-league? Or do they just want a closer look at future 1st round draft picks?


It almost seems like these HS kids would have to somehow be included in the pre-draft combine to get feedback before deciding to go to school!?!?


I didn’t see this previously, what did he decide to do? Just take the year off and train?


Wait, this all makes it sound like college is actually a really good option for the vast majority of young basketball players. :rofl: