College basketball corruption charges


As I understand it, we recruited Tremont Waters for a little while until we learned we couldn’t.


The momentum as far as changing the one and done rule has always confused me. It really has been wonderful for the NBA teams. Forces kids to have a year of game tape versus real competition in real game settings. I get that people don’t like it and the NCAA might not like it but it seems perfect for the NBA.


If the NCAA starts clearing players by just accepting a denial of wrongdoing passed along by the school, no one will ever be punished again.


This is, for the most part, how the NCAA works. School compliance departments are largely responsible for self reporting things.


True, but it’s certainly not how the FBI works, so we’ll see what happens differently due to that in the end of this whole thing.


“they claim that the NCAA has cleared Bridges as well. How does that review happen so quickly???“

According to the announcers of the MSU/ Wisconsin game, MSU deserves praise for getting Bridges “cleared” so quickly, the key, according to the announcers is that MSU is “extremely proactive” in everything they do—which is hilarious…

The Izzo manipulation of the media is kinda obvious to me here, which normally grosses me out, but I don’t blame MSU for taking an “innocent until proven guilty” stance on this. I would probably encourage UM to do the same, if we were in their situation.

Also, I prefer to play a fully intact MSU if we make it past Nebraska. Our team has no reason to be afraid of that team.


Did anyone else catch the quote from Izzo? “If you read the situation, it happened back when he was in high school.” Why didn’t any reporters ask a follow up question, something along the lines of, “What happened back when he was in high school?”


does MSU “investigators” have any credibility left after letting Nasser roam the place for 20 years?


Agreed. They need to take a break from saying the phrase “due diligence”.


Sorry for beating my own dead horse. Sparty Nation is crowing that the NCAA has cleared Bridges, but comb through the official statement again:

“Michigan State presented its findings to the NCAA, and Miles Bridges has been cleared for competition moving forward, beginning Sunday at Wisconsin.”

I consider this to be two separate statements:

  1. "Michigan State presented its findings to the NCAA, and…

  2. Miles Bridges has been cleared for competition moving forward, beginning Sunday at Wisconsin."

I see that as Sparty having cleared Bridges as a result of their own internal investigation, yet they released this statement to trick others into thinking that Bridges has been cleared by the NCAA. If I’m proven wrong, I’ll admit it. Otherwise, I’m pretty upset that print media hacks and TV analysts were so easily duped (although I shouldn’t be).


I believe that most of these schools believe that something big is going to happen. What they don’t truly know is what is going to happen with each student athlete. My guess is, all of the student athletes will be retroactively deemed ineligible but there is nothing that the schools can do now and will ride it out.


according to the announcers is that MSU is “extremely proactive” in everything they do

After the Nassar saga, it’s incredibly callous for them to say something like that. Wow.


The same announcers that said the MSU team has no flaws.
I am surprised that they are even going to bother playing the games.


Some of the MSU salt lately has been intense. Could be a painful March for you guys :slight_smile:


They. are. going. down.

I hope.


Someone even mentioned Battle earlier. Apparently for me, it’s a perfect salt-storm. :smiley:

Hey, I’m not above wearing the scarlet T (for Triggered) for everyone.


It seems that our friends in Iowa City can breathe easy:



What does it mean when they say the allegations were untrue but then say they uncovered a violation?


Seems like the Christian Dawkins stuff in the report wasn’t true, but they found out his family had some other dinner with an agent.