College basketball corruption charges


You don’t need to do any due diligence to declare your own player eligible.


Yeah, Miller’s previous game is gonna be his last for quite awhile. Although I must say it’s rather bizarre that they let Ayton play.


Stan Van Gundy with some choice words about the NCAA today:



Izzo upset that he got questioned about the scandal after the game.



First time in his career that he’s faced extended pressure from the press. I think he’s gonna call it quits this offseason. You can tell it’s wearing on him. This is his best chance at a national title since Valentine. Maybe since the Flintstones


Stan should win more games before he speaks out in such a manner


I’m pretty much in accord with what he’s saying, myself. With the Pistons, I could have wished for better.


Hey Stan, the one-n-done is an NBA rule. Go to your organization and change the rule.


That article is taking an interview and creating quotes. I would guess SVG knows the one and done rule is an NBA rule but he was railing on the entire system and mostly the NCAA. Without having the context it’s probably a bit unfair to assume he doesn’t know. While I’m not happy with what he’s done in Detroit I think he’s been spot on with his stance on issues like this one.


Yeah, I just get annoyed every time I hear him talk due to the fact that it reminds me that the Pistons hired a guy with absolutely zero management qualifications to manage and build an entire roster. It’s better than their previous attempts, but still…


If that’s true, then the article went out of its way to excise literally any reference to the one-n-done rule from a NBA standpoint, when there was ample opportunity to include it. And it would essentially render Van Gundy’s criticism of the NCAA on this point superfluous.


So Bridges is suiting up. Maybe they ruled Bridges’ mom ineligible for the Wisconsin game…

Seriously, not only did MSU say everything’s fine, but apparently they claim that the NCAA has cleared Bridges as well. How does that review happen so quickly???



Yeah… something definitely smells fishy


Here you can listen to the interview…

The question is about one and dones specifically and he states that he doesn’t understand how any professional sports organization can keep guys from going pro.


I don’t think the NCAA has “cleared” anybody. Didn’t Emmert say that at this point it’s basically a team decision? The NCAA was in touch with schools with players mentioned in the reports. Some of those teams self-reported that they’d done investigations and reported their findings that their players did nothing wrong. The NCAA doesn’t really have anything, and they can’t ban players based on newspaper articles. If more comes out or the NCAA gets its hands on documents or other information, presumably it will act. Some teams are hoping that there isn’t anything there, or that the NCAA won’t get its hands on anything, or that it might as well go ahead and take the risk.


I feel like Sparty has punked the NCAA, making it seem like they had cleared Bridges, and daring them to say differently when their stance on Arizona is already on record.


FIFA and IOC would like a word. But with the NCAA, it’s the holy trinity of grievous oversight in sports


That’s how I view it. You can’t really be cleared of something you weren’t being investigated for… Yet.