College basketball corruption charges


What a stupid stance but I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise. For every issue there will always be some idiot writer who feels the need to take the contrarian view to get clicks.



LOL, thanks for linking that. Next time a politician gets caught taking bribes, I’ll remember that they were just engaging in “very sharp and competitive negotiating.”



Yahoo news has done some really nice reporting on this.



What are the odds that Richard Pitino is involved in this stuff? I’d be surprised to see him be clean with how his dad is.


Oh I hadn’t even thought of him yet. You’d think the apple can’t fall THAT far from the tree.


I’m in Minnesota. I honestly can’t see a shoe company or the real money people in college basketball helping MN. I think Pitino is doing a good job there and is probably crushed by what is going on.


Can you see it at Ok State or Auburn? Or how about Baylor? Not every recruit is getting 100K and it’s not just about the shoe companies, but you can bet that a number of schools at Minny’s level are cheating and that Pitino Jr knows exactly how it works.


Let’s hope the younger Pitino is more honest than his father. If you’re dishonest, you’ll find ways to cheat and you will probably create an atmosphere that encourages it. There are lots of ways that don’t involve shoe companies or big money. Rick was already suspended for the hooker scandal, for example. That was a reckless episode, since there were so many witnesses. It reflects a mindset that his son was exposed to.


I’m also in MN. My thoughts are the apple doesn’t travel to far from the tree. At the highest levels of college basketball there is going to shady dealings, regardless of the school. Pitino has done a great job recruiting from HS and the transfer market. Is Richard doing the same thing that his Dad has done? Not a chance. They are checking too much stuff in regards to compliance at MN because of the Clem Haskins’ issues. Does that mean nothing happens? We will probably never know.

I’ve even watched their practices in the past. What I would say is, when you hire a coach that use to be an AAU coach there is shady happenings going on. The Pitino’s aren’t the only ones to do this. This happens everywhere. Why? You need players. If you don’t have players, you don’t win.



So, the FBI is still leaking. Sad.


I saw somewhere that the FBI was on Kansas’ campus. Obviously nothing official, but honestly no top programs are safe right now IMO.

And in reference to the question in the over/under thread about Big Ten teams getting hammered, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Maryland and Minnesota hit (Minny solely for their coach). I’m not completely convinced that the whole MSU program is clean, but I don’t think anything will happen there.


That was fake news I believe. Someone was faking Jesse Newell’s twitter.


There’s a long litany of charges against KS that has been circulating for some time on message boards; I have always wondered how much substance it might have.


Hopefully the FBI pays a visit to First Management.