College basketball corruption charges


This just happened, though it doesn’t seem like Clemson had anything to do with it.


he works for adidas w/gatto


Give this a listen. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet but it starts getting good at 3:30. I’m not always a fan of Dakich but he’s not afraid of saying what he believes and he has some background recruiting against these guys.

Jeff Goodman joins at 12:20 to join in on his take and agree with it. Both have interesting takes on the NCAA in regards to this.


For those who think this is an adidas thing. Meryl Code was from what I understand the founder of the Nike EYBL. He moved to adidas, but I don’t think he’s working with a new playbook.


Give us the long and short, if you don’t mind.


Goes on air and says where is Izzo, coach K, Self, and Calipari talking about this. Says they talk about everything and anything but why haven’t they said a word about this situation. He says he wonders why and says they’ll talk as soon as they feel as though they are clear. Says if you don’t cheat you shouldn’t be afraid to talk now.

Then Jeff Goodman joins and says he hasn’t heard from any of the coaches want to make a statement but has heard from plenty of coaches asking for info on all of this because they are nervous. He says he feels like it could easily be 40-50 schools touched in this (doesn’t mean coaches fired but just touched) They both agree the NCAA is not to blame that they could dig this up. Said they should’ve hired ex FBI agents and had them try to instil some fear but they don’t want to do it because it could cost them big money.



“Where is Izzo?..Izzo wants to talk about Twitter. Izzo understands more about, ah, I don’t know, broadcasting. Where I should broadcast. Where I shouldn’t broadcast. Where is he in all of this? Why aren’t [the hall of fame coaches] talking? The sport is under siege. These guys talk about everything. Evvvverrrryyyything! And yet quiet on this? I wonder why? Where you at Izz?Tommy? Where you guys at? …Let me explain something to you…As soon as they feel that they are cleared you are going to hear from these guys. If you don’t cheat then why not come out and speak?.. What hasn’t Izzo [spoke on] with his “aww shucks” Nick Saban demeanor?..Hall of fame coaches…The guardians of the game…Alright…Where are you Izzo? …If you have nothing to hide…Where is Izzo?..Can’t speak on this? Why?”


At the end, this is all the NCAA’s idiocy. When you have kids whose talents produced billions of dollars in revenue for schools, clothing companies, media companies, etc., and their compensation, if they are one-and-done is food and shelter for a few months, a black market is going to exist - it’s inevitable. There’s too much cash at stake for there not to be.

I think it’s safe to assume that every high school kid evaluated as an NBA prospect is at least offered a cash payment, and I’m going to assume they take it.

As long as the NCAA insists on pretending that one and done kids are showing up to school for school pride, this won’t change, no matter who goes to prison.


All you have to do is look at the European soccer market to understand what these kids are worth to clubs (schools). Killian Mbappe, 18 years old, $200M transfer fee. $400K for Josh Jackson is a bargain.


Rick Pitino is still denying the knowledge of the payment. Unbelievable. I wish that he would say the same under oath.


He has zero credibility now. Its laughable.


To be fair, his choices are:
A) Tell the truth, admit being a scumbag
B) Deny, hope the full truth never really comes out and look like slightly less of a scumbag


He definitely has no choice but to deny it until he’s proven, empirically, to be a liar. Still makes my stomach turn though; absolute scum.


We should all feel the same toward the Louisville officials who have know for years, as we all have, what a low life Pitino is and yet they continued to stand behind him.


Wouldn’t admitting also basically be admitting to criminal bribery?


Third choice, keep his mouth shut. It’s not a bad option.


ego wont allow for that


This is good stuff from the presser prior to the L’ville/UM game:

Q. Rick, you’ve been obviously offered a lot of jobs over the years. Do you ever think back on the Michigan conversations with Bill Martin and wonder what-if, or does your mind not go there?
COACH PITINO: You know, I’ve been really happy at Louisville. Michigan has done quite well for themselves. So it was a time that – I actually took the Michigan job that morning, and my wife did not want to go for a variety of reasons. She said I was making a decision based on the wrong factors, and she was right, because I never – I’ve never been on the campus before. I didn’t know the athletic director, and I was taking a job blind to it all.
But I thought it was a great job, great university, academically as well as athletically. Just wasn’t the right fit for me.

Yeah, because they wanted to clean it up and you wanted to keep on doing sleazy sh**.


Easy thing to do is admit he knew, but that would take a degree of integrity he doesn’t possess


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