College Basketball 2023-24 Discussion

It’s time to turn the page, yes?


The hero we need but don’t deserve!!


hate seeing this. Wishing him a quick and speedy full recovery!

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So what he is saying is that all the waivers that were thought to be automatically granted are maybe not so automatic?

He’s just reinforcing that people are not going to get waivers.

The NCAA made it very clear that most waivers would be rejected. Part of the one-time transfer rule change is that non-graduate two-time transfers would no longer be able to get easy waivers as they used to.

Guys like RaeQuan Battle, Brandon Murray, Moussa Cisse, etc. should be expecting to be denied waivers IMO.

I believe this was the memo about waivers:


Tez Walker never played a snap for his first school and was transferring to become the primary caregiver for his grandmother

NCAA can’t get out of their own way

His prior schools supported his immediate eligibility in writing

Wait, he also has two years of eligibility remaining? This isn’t a “his career is over thing” … Didn’t realize that given all of the outrage.

I just don’t know the NCAA is supposed to grant a waiver for a reason that it specifically said it wasn’t going to grant waivers for this year.

Feel like he either meets the documented mental health requirement stuff in the current waiver rules (which I believe has to come from both schools) or he doesn’t.

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Eliminate the waiver process entirely. You get one free transfer, then you sit. As soon as you add waivers back into the mix, it becomes a slow slide back to how it used to be.


That’s what they are doing except for very distinct circumstances. They can’t say they are doing that and then start approving waivers that don’t meet those circumstances.


i think what they’re saying is a letter of support from previous ADs isn’t sufficient, not that it’s a reason to not allow it. in any case, moving closer to family in times of tragedy has always been, like, the dictionary definition of transfer waivers for the NCAA - it was like the platonic example even back in like 2005, to the point that players seemed to overemphasize that part of their story when trying to get a transfer approved. maybe that’s what’s happening here, but if he’s becoming the literal caretaker, then he’s certainly walking the walk.


Yes, what I’m saying is that they’ve made it very clear that they aren’t giving out waivers to go closer to home this year.

Tez would have got a waiver before. Not now. The idea is that almost no one should get a waiver under the current system.

i don’t get that interpretation from the thing you posted above, so i’m assuming it’s just from the other places you’ve seen stuff. but he’s not just going home - he’s going home for a specific reason. i see it qualifying for either 1) or 2) on that infographic - it’s related to his family member’s well-being, but it’s obviously a huge part of his mental health, and also it’s an urgent circumstance outside his control (although the two examples they give are specific to the school he’s at, not circumstances pulling him elsewhere, so i don’t think it’s that clear)

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He wasn’t assaulted. He isn’t transferring because of discrimination as a protected class. The UNC argument hinges on the rules changing which feels like tacit admission that he doesn’t meet the criteria.

Here’s the full language:

There’s a pretty large hurdle of pre transfer documentation of mental health issues.

This kind of thing probably didn’t help him… after he visited Rutgers (which isn’t very close to Charlotte).


fair point! to be clear, i wasn’t saying he was assaulted; the ncaa infographic you posted uses assault as an example, but i imagine that’s not an exhaustive list of the things they would consider circumstances outside the student athlete’s control.

i don’t think that quote says very much? that’s a fairly good reason to transfer from a school, right? and seemingly has nothing to do with the current case? i’m sure if i’m missing something because i admittedly haven’t been following this case that closely, just trying to argue it doesn’t fit in as easily with their stated rules as they’d like to.

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It’s not a reason that the NCAA provides a waiver for. It proves pretty clearly that he wasn’t transferring for mental health reasons. Or even planning to apply for a waiver due to mental health reasons. Makes it hard to prove that mental health is why he transferred out.

ohh, I misunderstood that he was talking about his 2021 transfer, not this one

Nope. That’s after he visited Rutgers before he visited UNC and committed there.


Whose interest does denying him eligibility protect? (literally nobody’s)

Who doesn’t want him to play (literally nobody)

Black and white rule interpretation in the face of common sense FTW!!