College Basketball 2023-24 Discussion

The idea behind one time transfers is eliminating waivers except in extreme circumstances. You can’t go and approve a bunch of waivers that don’t meet the criteria in the first year of the rule.

If you approve Tez Walker, then won’t you have to approve Brandon Murray and RaeQuan Battle and whoever else?

It’s easy to say “who cares!” but the reality is that the rules are there for a reason.

Tough scene for the Ole Miss future though.


It’s pretty simple: don’t do slippery slope

People have discretion, let them use it

Being the only plausible caregiver for your grandmother is different than “I wanna”, and it’s ok to acknowledge that

Transferring once already doesn’t mean an exigent circumstance won’t occur

He’s two hours away from his grandma and his mom lives in Charlotte where she is right?

It’s great that he can be closer to his family but I’m not sure he’s a caregiver or only plausible caregiver in this situation.

I’d say this would be the definition of slippery slope, especially when he’s on record saying he transferred for other reasons than being close to home/family.

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He was apparently her primary caretaker in HS

Also, didn’t he transfer prior to the announced rule change (like a week)?

That’s the argument they are making. But it isn’t like he was approved for a waiver.

The run off waiver (you are eligible if last school signs off) had been eliminated earlier. Worth noting that he is more than 100 miles away so wouldn’t even apply for the old closer to home waiver either though.

The reality is that whenever things were announced you have to go by the current rules. If you had transferred before the one time transfer went into effect, you would still use it for that season to play.

It sucks for him but isn’t like he had an approved waiver and they pulled it back.

Who asked for this?

Are they going to call it the NIT-LV? Like it’s a CSI spinoff


Las Invitational Vegas (LIV Basketball). what could go wrong!

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Did they hire Greg Norman?

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Gus Macker Toilet Bowl


As a former “Toilet Bowl” champion I take offense to this!


I also am a proud Toilet Bowl champ. One of the highlights of my career


I am too. I believe I told the story here before but my friends and I were accidentally put in the 18 year old group when we were 12. Lost our first two games and then won the Toilet Bowl.


Gonna be a lot of these. (Which is a good thing.)


Here’s some optimism.


The link directly for Michigan’s breakdown at 28


That’s a lot of B1G teams between 33-20

Nobody believes TWill is going to play 26mpg this year?? Do they?? I mean maybe he finds a different gear but that was some hollow minutes. Too many turnovers, couldn’t hit 3s, wasn’t great from 2. His best game was probably at Maryland maybe we just need to play more games there.

Those are last year’s stats.