Coach B's recruiting


After seeing Purdue’s athletic wings and rim-protecting bigs, would any of you trade Beilein straight up for Painter? I almost think some of you would.


Nope, but I would trade all four of our bigs for Hammons, even if it meant that Duncan Robinson had to be our back-up center. Not even joking.


I would too.


I would make that trade. JB isn’t an elite coach or recruiter and he’s at the tail end of his career.


I would also throw in Bacari, BTW.


I figured you would. Painter has been at Purdue for 10 seasons and guess how many times Purdue has gotten past the Sweet 16 in that decade?

Spoiler alert: 0.

But hey, who cares about NCAA Tournament success when you get to watch blocked shots.


2013: Purdue misses NIT and NCAAT
2014: Purdue misses NIT and NCAAT
2015: Purdue losses 1st game in NCAAT

But Painter > Beilein… lol. I can just imagine how much you’d love Beilein if he had those results without ever getting Michigan past the Sweet 16 in 10 seasons.


Are we discussing who has the better coaching resume? If so, I agree, JB does by a mile.

Are we talking about the direction each coach has their program heading? If so, Painter appears to be in a much better position than JB with half the resources.

Painter is also 45 years old? What was JB doing at 45? Coaching Richmond and having a career 100-50 record there. It took Coach Bielien until he was 52 to reach the Sweet 16.


Painter has proven he is what he is. A decade worth of coaching at a P5 school in the fertile Indiana recruiting state shouldn’t result in 10 straight years without getting past the Sweet 16 and:
2013: Purdue misses NIT and NCAAT
2014: Purdue misses NIT and NCAAT
2015: Purdue losses 1st game in NCAAT

The fact that you’d even want that here makes me think you’ve been trolling us all along. As bad as you claim Beilein has been, Painter has been worse for a longer period of time. Stop being such a hypocrite, please.


Man, you love to change the direction of every topic. I’m the sucker for responding. What’s funny is, you even change my response to fit your changed topic.

I’m done with you.


People would take painter? That’s a stretch. Unless everyone thinks hed be light years more relevant at um with more resources and better chances. Painter really hasn’t done much. He had the Decent trio the one year and then this year but besides that he’s been real average at best.


If IU ever makes a good coaching hire…


I would take Painter right now going forward. In no way am I saying he has had a better coaching career than JB like someone is trying to state.

45 years old and has been semi successful at a big ten school with limited resources. I’d take a chance on him if I only had a choice between him and JB going forward. He’d be way down my list of who I want to be our next coach though.

I also understand the opposite view of sticking with JB. There’s no right or wrong answer for this off topic question.


What do you mean by “limited resources?” Mackey was renovated and a practice facility built at almost the exact same time frame as Crisler.


And he’s clearly taking advantage of it. I wish I could say the same about our coach.


2013: Purdue misses NIT and NCAAT
2014: Purdue misses NIT and NCAAT
2015: Purdue losses 1st game in NCAAT

Clearly taking advantage of that in-state Indiana talent and renovated facilities.



He has to find a way to defend Painter’s failures while still being able to trash Beilein. That is the route he went, despite the lack of logic involved.

I mean, how can one seriously say that Painter has taken advantage of Mackey’s renovation and in the same sentence say that Beilein hasn’t taken advantage of Crislers? Painter hasn’t won an NCAA Tournament game since Mackey’s renovation was finished in 2012… Beilein has been to two Elite 8s since Crisler’s was finished.


Are you talking recruiting? Beilein has recruited better players than Painter from 2012 to date. The difference is that Hammons and Davis are 4 year players. McGary, Stauskas and GRIII (who Painter passed on) were not. Spike is injured. Caris missed most of the B1G season last year. You want to talk abut going forward? Painter has one unranked PG in his '16 class. Beilein has Simpson, 4 star Teske, Ibi Watson and Davis. Already has Poole in '17.


JB has had one good class in the time frame you cite. He hasn’t been able to match that class in 3 years and as it looks right now, won’t for another 4 years at least. But yeah, we can hang our hats on 2012’s class for eternity. At least we have that as a fan base. The good ole days.

Teske and Davis are not big pick ups. Those guys are projects that IMO have more of a chance of never contributing in a meaningful way than actually moving the program forward. I like what JB is doing at the guard positions going forward. Unfortunately, if he continues to recruit like he’s currently doing in the post, it won’t matter. We will never get back to 2012 or 2013 level of play.

Painter isn’t setting the world on fire as a recruiter either, but he’s landed Swanigan who by the time he is a sophomore will be a Big Time player to go along side a talented 7 footer in Haas and a solid guard in Edwards. The type of players that will abuse a soft Michigan team we deploy to defend him. I’ll take those 3 core guys to battle over whatever we have on the floor next year. That’s just my opinion though.

It is yet to be seen what Painter can do after a truly successful season. All things point to him having one this year so it’ll be interesting to see if his recruiting picks up. You would think that it would but as Michigan fans, we all know that may not be the case. His recruiting since 2012 is at least on par with Michigan with not near the success JB had in that time frame.

And I can’t state it enough, Painter is way down the list of coaches I would like to take over after JB retires. I just think he’s in a better position in his coaching career to move a program forward vs JB.


You literally said:
“And he’s clearly taking advantage of it. I wish I could say the same about our coach.”

In what ways has Painter taken advantage of the new facilities more than Beilein has? Purdue’s renovations finished in 2012 and this is what followed:

2013: Purdue misses NIT and NCAAT
2014: Purdue misses NIT and NCAAT
2015: Purdue losses 1st game in NCAAT

How is that taking advantage of things more than Beilein did?