Coach B's recruiting


I think the better discussion would be after 2013 and 2014 are you satisfied with how Michigan has progressed as a program since that point. Have they capitalized off that success? If no then what do they have to do to right those wrongs.

Sane that is far too simplistic to say Purdue is good because of 4th year guys like Hammons/Davis. How about guys like Swanigan, Edwards, Hill, and Haas?


Purdue is really good this year, but will they make it past the Sweet 16 for the first time in Painter’s tenure? Maybe, maybe not.

Saying that Purdue is good just because of Hammons and Haas is off-base, but it’s no more off base than saying that Painter has taken better advantage of Purdue’s new facilities than Beilein has.


Hill is a senior. Edwards in not a guard. He split time with Swanigan in our game. The question posed was which coach has taken better advantage of new facilities. You want to ignore the elite eight and final four and just look at this year and last year in answering that question? Beilein has recruited better than Painter through the entire period of 2011 to date. Looking ahead, Painter has signed one unranked PG in the '16 class. Our class is light years better than that even if you ignore 4 star Teske, ranked 112 (Hammons was ranked #81), and Davis. We have Poole already for '17. Painter has no one yet. You and MPB are convinced that we are trending down and Purdue is trending up, and that’s the future. I’m not.


Tired of this everybody cheats, but Michigan narrative. Yes, some programs bend the rules more than others it happens in football as well and the football program has no problem bringing in elite level players. Yes, Michigan football is a different kind of beast compared to Michigan basketball in the appeal department, but it’s not like Michigan basketball does not have a good history of their own. I think Beileins is just a poor recruiter and too many people are making excuses for it with the cheating narrative. Every coach has a weakness and Beileins is no different. Beileins weakness happens to be in the recruiting department and on the defensive side of things, despite that he remains an excellent offensive mind and a great developer of talent. No coach is perfect


I’ve already conceded that our coach has taken advantage of the new facilities and 2 year run with the 2012 class. He’s done little since recruiting that class.

We are going to be clawing our way to get into the tournament and next year will more than likely be the same. Since 2012’s class, JB has been trending in the wrong direction.


These petty personal arguments are a drag.
I feel confident I know both sides of the debate, yet these points continue to be rehashed.


Where did I say Purdue is trending up?


Ok, so who do we talk to about getting this deal done? I think all parties agree at this point.


Since he’s definitely not a 2017 recruit (my bad), is this the right place for discussions about Trevon Blueitt?

I think I missed a memo – apparently moving an official visit is now on a moral level with taking cash from Ed Martin and we’re not allowed to speak about it.


It has been discussed. In fact, I brought it up earlier today. Blueitt would have been a great asset to this team.

It is pretty flakey to cancel an OV at the last minute like he did–and then take a visit to the school that just offered. We don’t really know the conversations that took place between the parties, though. We could have used him, but Beilein probably isn’t the only coach who would have moved on in that situation.


I think we could have had Edwards, too, if we pressed for him. At the time, we were in on some higher-profile players, and I think our staff kept him on the back burner a bit. Last season, this season, and the next couple of seasons would look much different if we had Edwards and Blueitt.


They have/had a bit of a family beef going on with the Irvin’s. That was some of it.

He didn’t think he was a fit for the team or the town was another.


Could they have a beef because Blueitt was better or thought he was better??

The fact is Blueitt was/is a stud. Great fit for what Belein likes to do. He might have canceled an OV but kids do that crap all the time in recruiting. You call right back after and figure out how to get him on Campus again if it’s important. Clearly staff felt it wasn’t.


Stylistically for sure he fit. He cancelled because he didn’t feel his personality fit the campus,town, or team…I.E. just not interested. How much of that personality stuff had to do with the beef they had with the Irvin family, who knows?


I would be willing to bet that since 2010 Coach B has lost more years of player’s remaining eligibility to the NBA than any other coach in the Big 10. How is that possible if he can’t recruit?


This is pretty much the most important point. The visit was canceled for a reason, Michigan was also recruiting other targets. It’s not like Bluiett was just begging to come to Michigan – canceling an official visit is pretty close to eliminating someone from your list. As a staff, Michigan has to prioritize kids who they think they can get.


People ragged so hard on JoMo. Lord, they ragged so hard on him. Beilein is looking for a different kind of guy, Bear. You just gotta accept it. The Zen of it, man. It’s the center. He is not looking for your center, he is looking for his own.


This kind of stuff. . . gossip dressed up as serious reporting. C’mon. . . If I’m reading between the lines of “not my kind of town” with an 18-year-old kid when A2 is repeatedly among the top college towns in the country? With our facilities? Please, don’t let the door hit you, Mr. Bluiett.


I will not accept 3-4 year rebuilding periods no matter who the coach is. JB is recruiting the center position as if Michigan is coming off sanctions.


Are you forgetting that we should have had McGary last year? Maybe. But I agree that the center position has not produced adequately this year. 100%. And I also agree we’ve got a bottleneck now. Hopefully, Wagner moves out to the four. But the future just isn’t as bleak as you are painting it, IMO.