Coach B's recruiting


I’d feel better with Langford and although I like huerter as he seems like a heady player I actually prefer Ibi all day when all is said and done. Also to whomever liked goodin I was a fan to and I really like his athleticism, but I think we have a much more polished player in Simpson. Is he great vertically? No, but his skill level and ball iq/ toughness and d seems great. He is fundamental and makes very effective albeit not flashy plays. True pg in every sense. I really wanted goodin or Lucas but Simpson won me over. Something about him spells winner. The back court of Simpson and rahkman in 17 is going to be a doozy. Throw in Dawkins Robinson and say Wagner and our prospects are bright. I realm think that duo is going to be the best two way back court in the big ten that year.first coach b team where you might say their strength is perimeter d. Rahkman will be all big ten at some point in his career. I’m convinced of this. Maybe next year when leverts gone and his minutes and looks go up.


You nailed it LAW, everyone has a boss including JB. I often wonder what is said behind closed doors regarding the past practices of the University. It was certianly an embarrassing situation and one that will not be repeated at this school.


Fair enough, although I’m not sure rebounding and outside shooting are as equivalent as winning strategies as you suggest. I mean, is there any reasonable likelihood that Purdue gets out-rebounded on Thursday? Not really – they are almost certainly going to own the boards. On the flip side, is there a decent chance that Michigan goes ice cold from deep in Mackey and gets blown out? Unfortunately, the latter does not seem so remote.


Making shots (shooting) is the most important element of winning basketball games.

Turnovers and offensive rebounding I kind of lump in the same category – means to extra possessions and extra shots.

Not sure you can compare them in the way that you are doing so. Most teams are going to lose if they are ice cold on the road, even if they rebound 40% of their misses.


but I bet most of the Purdue write ups especially against UM would be, ____ is going to out-shoot us, so we have to play total lock-down defense and can not give up any defensive rebounds.
I bet Purdue fans get as tired of seeing the offense put up less than 1 ppp game after game as we do of getting out rebounded.

Most teams have weaknesses and strengths. It’s nice to be elite in your strength like Michigan is at shooting and Purdue is at rebounding.
I’d be more worried if we were dependent on shooting and only had one or two guys who were the shooters. But we have so many excellent shooters on this team.


Maybe we’d shoot better if our guards didn’t have to do all the defensive rebounding.
Our “bigs” had 8 total defensive rebounds between Xavier, UConn, and SMU games.

Farr (8), Hamilton (9), and Moore (8) all had as many defensive rebounds in their individual games as all our bigs combined in all 3 games combined. Sad. I hate that philosophy.


I guess the question is why that rebounding issue for Michigan has been present for some time? I can’t believe for a moment that a coach would be happy with their constant rebounding issue yet nothing has been done to address that. If I was a coach I would sure be pissed off if I knew I was one real terrific big eg. Brice Johnson. Perry Ellis, Diamond Stone, AJ Hammons etc… away from being a late out in the NCAA Tournament.


I am sure that JB would take another player like McGary in a heartbeat but that is not going to happen every year or even every other year. And when it is down to second-tier recruits, the nature of JB being an offensive mind will put offense as the first priority. This is not something that will change, or should change.


Also I’m with a lot of people here. Although I think Davis is more of the big we all want/ need then a lot of you guys think and why I think he’s this classes sleeper,but I’m wondering when coach b will just go after a athletic rebounding machine. With the way his teams built coach b should just go get a raw athlete/ defender for the wing and down low. Give us more options and looks.wouldnt be a hard sell I think. Spell it out . You are the missing link for big ten title.

How about goodluck onoboh? Just left school. Never recruited him but he’s got a sweet name/size and would give us what we need. Top fifty guy.We didn’t recruit him before but who cares. there’s tons of raw big men/ athletes out there that could do the trick. Few big names just left pretty early all over. Still some big names on boards. It’s never to late in my book. I’m feeling optimistic lets swoop in on jacksons recruitment after all. Kid is from Detroit for god sakes and we didn’t want in. Screw the baggage, he’s from Detroit talking about Kansas Arizona and ucla good god.


Yea but the difference is Izzo still made the sweet sixteen every year and a final four every three or four years. JB has never shown anything close to that elite level of consistency.


Way to completely misquote what I said to fit your argument. I never said people knew they were going to be completely awesome. What I said was that Trey and Nik were top 100 guys that people who followed recruiting knew had a lot of upside. I doubt many people predicted they would achieve the level of success they did, but they were not sleepers by any stretch. By the same token, people who followed recruiting, like Sam Webb, knew that Chatman was VASTLY overrated. Same appears to be true about Donnal and DJ.

Again, I don’t see why it is hard for people to admit that JB needs to recruit better if we are ever going to have a chance at reaching the success we had in 2013 and 2014.


Another misquote of what I wrote. My post never mentioned Caris or Spike. My post was about Trey, Nik, THJr and Glenn. I don’t know why some people have such a hard time following simple arguments.


Purdue game was the first Michigan game I have watched in it’s entirety since the SMU game. This is a terrible defensive and rebounding team, recruiting is a big cause of this as Beilein simply is not a good recruiter. I would rather watch Brent Pettway and Courtney Simms, than whatever it is Beilein is doing with the 4 and 5 spots. Guys like Pettway and Simms alone would turn this team into a contender, recruiting has to change.


Apparently we still are looking at big men.


I can’t misquote you when I didn’t quote you.

Here is how I read you, correct me where I am wrong: Your opinion is that 14, 15, and 16 recruits are not as good as 11, 12, and 13 recruits and then you took it a step further, in an attempt to support your opinion (which is a bold opinion considering 16’s haven’t played yet) you suggested that people who follow recruiting knew that 11, 12, 13 were going to be very good and that somehow gives validity to your opinion of the young 15 recruits and 16 recruits (who haven’t even stepped on campus yet). The problem, of course, is that nobody, including yourself and all those make-believe people that “follow recruiting” predicted Trey, Nik and GR3 would be NBA quality players when they were in high school. Just like we can’t be sure how the 15 and 16 recruits will pan out yet. So, please keep your opinion that 2012 was an awesome recruiting class because we all agree with you.

The irony of course being that the only reason we are having this discussion is that Trey and JB’s 2012 recruits were so much better than everyone thought they were. I almost wish you and your fellow friends “who follow recruiting” would have been right about Trey and Nik as you called them guys with “upside” because if you would have been right then Trey would have been playing on last year’s team and Nik would be on this team’s roster.

The next obvious question is: Do you think Robinson, Maar, Dawkins, Xavier, Ibi, and Poole are any good?

My opinion is that we have very talented players 1-4 but we need a dominant big man.


I’d rather watch guys like LeVert and Stauskas than whatever Amaker was doing with the guard spots.


I would rather watch guys like Petway, Sims x2, Graham Brown than whatever Beilein has trotted out in the post. It goes both ways.


So much talent, such awful offense.


“Recruit better” is a misnomer.

Walton, Irvin and Chatman, for example, were rated much higher than Burke, Stauskas, and Hardaway, respectively. But they haven’t played nearly as well.

No staff is going to be right 100% of the time. I watched plenty of Walton’s high school tape. He looked very capable of being a star point guard to me. And he was ranked in the 30-40 range, so obviously a lot of people getting paid to evaluate players thought so, too. Same with Irvin - he was ranked around 25-40. No reason to think he wouldn’t be a really good player by his junior year.

The reality is, we don’t necessarily need to recruit higher rated players, we need to be right more often about the guys we are recruiting - the way we were right about Morris, Hardaway, Burke, Stauskas, Robinson (rated #118 when he committed), Morgan, Spike, Levert - you get the point.

Essentially, it’s not that our 2013 and 2014 classes were ranked really low compared to our other classes, it’s that our “miss” rate on those guys was much greater, especially the top guys. I’d say all of Walton, Irvin, Donnal, Chatman, and Wilson have not performed up to expectations (yet).

With that said, both Robinson and Wagner appear to be really nice finds, and I think Simpson will prove to be, too. In fact, I think Simpson is more akin to Burke, and Winston more akin to Walton, in terms of both ranking and how good they will actually be in college.


How many NCAA Tournament wins do Petway, Simsx2, and Brown have? Beilein > Amaker and it isn’t debatable. Move on.