Chris Webber will be an honorary football captain in 2018



Great news! Hopefully this will be the beginning of a reuniting of the Fab Five with each other and with the university. It’s about time. Thanks, Jim!


Odd he’s coming back for football stuff after routinely ignoring the basketball program.


I wonder if we’ll see a Fab 5 reunion at a Hoops game this season. Perhaps at the banner raising game or the UNC game (both would be laden in irony)?


Honestly, at this point I really don’t care if he comes back. It will be nice if it happens, but I am more interested in the guys who already come back.


classy move by Jim Harbaugh.


It was a magical era in Michigan basketball as short as it lasted. Sadly, it ended in disgrace. It’s time to put it to rest. A reuniting of the Fab Five with Michigan Basketball would be wonderful. Again, I say “Thanks!” to Jim for taking this important first step.


Honestly, Chris has been asked by the basketball program, current players, and former teammates ad nauseum. I’m not sure what Harbaugh did that hasn’t been done a dozen times. I don’t think Harbaugh deserves much credit - Webber has decided to return, and explicitly done so separate from the basketball program. He’s a weird guy, and he’s still being pretty weird.


I don’t like this. Either show up at a basketball game or don’t show up at all. UM doesn’t need Chris Weber.


It’s all about the timeout. I don’t think he’ll ever really get over it.


No, it’s all about the money and the fallout that he left behind for those that followed. And the fact that he didn’t admit guilt or offer an apology.

I would prefer that he stay away and not throw shade on a program that is riding high again. Harbaugh can have him.


Honestly, I don’t really care a lick about him taking the money - but his handling of his indictment later was shady.

What I don’t understand is this thing where he thinks the University or his teammates maligned him in some way. I understand he thinks Michigan made lots of money off him, but that’s an issue larger than Ann Arbor.


I’m pretty confident this has been in the works for quite some time and JB knew it was going to happen.

This probably seemed like the easiest way to “ease” his transition back to being a part of UM athletics. I’d imagine further steps will be taken in the future that involve basketball too.

Of course, if Chris would simply acknowledge he (or his dad, I guess) made a mistake in accepting benefits from a booster, that would go a long way too.


I don’t want to start an argument, but Webber (and Rose) knew Ed Martin way before their relationship with the University. Ed Martin did not steer Weber and Rose to Michigan although he had influence over other players’ decision much later on. Martin loaned money to Webber with full intention to be paid back later.


Yeah, they took a loan from a bookie.

Whatever, I’m hardly outraged by what he did nor am I at all opposed to letting him back in, nor do I think he needs to apologize.

He’s always struck me as an odd bird who doesn’t particularly like it when the attention isn’t on him. That continues.


It was nevertheless a knowing violation of NCAA rules which landed us on probation.


I think if your actions cause your school to land on probation, an apology is appropriate. He’s not the worst guy in the world, but he broke rules
that harmed his school.


The Fab Five is what got me into Michigan sports but I’m ready to move on. If this brings closure so be it. What Beilein is doing now is what I’ll remember as the glory years.


I’m listening to Sam’s show right now on the podcast. After listening to Sam and Ira I’m even more excited about the news of CWebb coming back to be an honorary captain. The snippet I heard from the show that aired last week was very exciting. All I can say is Ruth from Grand Rapids, Anthony from Orlando, and Griffen from AA all speak for me. They don’t know that they speak for me but they do.

Sorry to be promoting Sam’s show on this forum but, hey, if it’s inappropriate for me to do that, Dylan can certainly delete this post. BUT, if you can get the podcast on Podbean listen to it. I think it’s an important first step, and I’m glad it’s happening. If people disagree, fine, I guess that’s why we have a forum. People agree and they disagree.


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