Chris Webber will be an honorary football captain in 2018


Can you explain what was said that has you excited?


You do realize the first post in this thread was me posting a link to something on Sam’s show?


Well, at the risk of writing in “stream of consciousness,” let me try.

They talked about the segment on Michigan Insider last week with Jamie Morris and Chris Webber. They indicated that a lot came out of that broadcast that seemed to really shed a positive light on CWebb. In the snippet they put on Sam’s show today, just listening to the excitement in the voices of Jim Harbaugh and CWebb was something I enjoyed hearing. They were both fired up, and I thought Chris was rather humble and honored in his acceptance of Jim’s offer.

Of course, I’m a big fan of Sam and Ira and hearing their take on CWebb coming back for a football game helped confirm, to me, that my “take” on this is not off base. I think they are excited about it, too. They are realistic, but happy that it is happening. And they seem hopeful that this will be a necessary and positive first step.

As for the three callers that I referenced, they were all, each in their own way, very rational in their opinions, I think, but all supported the idea of Jim asking CWebb to come back for a football game as an honorary captain, and how it could possibly evolve into more.

Ruth was very down to earth saying we’ve all done things in our younger lives that are regrettable, but we’d hate to have those mistakes held against us for our entire lives. She said it’s time to put this behind us. I really enjoyed listening to her take, and I decided, since I live in Grand Rapids, too, I’d love to meet her.

Ant was very emotional and enthusiastic. I love listening when he calls in. He said something that some of our posters may not agree with, necessarily, so I’ll just not post it. It wasn’t really offensive, but it won’t add a lot to this discussion on our forum. Ant is just a very enthusiastic, positive Michigan fan, but he doesn’t really pull any punches. He is a delight to listen to. Today, he was just trying to “calmly” state that it’s time. Ahhh, he wasn’t calm!

Griffen is a rather quiet, soft spoken man from AA who also said it’s time to put this behind us and move forward. He is very reasonable and calm in his manner, definitely a contrast to Ant’s LOUD, enthusiastic style. Which, of course just proves that different styles can be acceptable and enjoyable.

All in all, I really enjoyed the show, and I would recommend it to others. In addition, I really wish I could get the podcast of the original Michigan Insider broadcast with Jamie and CWebb during which Coach Harbaugh called in.

Finally, for those critics out there, I DO realize that I ended a sentence in one of my paragraphs above with a preposition. No one needs to play English Professor, or freshman English teacher and point that out to me.

Back to watching, and truly paying attention, to my “special” needs grand daughter. That’s something that really IS important!


I do realize that, but it IS your blog, after all. I wasn’t sure if you approve of ME referencing his show, but thanks for your implication here that it is.


Do you guys think Webber will get booed?


I do not. I think he’ll be cheered.


What players did Martin influence to go to UM and what are their stories?



Nah. Webber’s one of the few basketball players that a lot of football fans know. :wink:


Reminder that this is happening this weekend.


This is so weird. Will be interesting to see the crowd reaction. If it were the entire Fab Five that would be one thing, but just Webber? Ehh.


Maybe he will be at b-ball game Friday?


I think he will 100% get a standing ovation. There’ll probably be some people in the crowd who don’t clap, but most people don’t care.


That would shock me.


I think most people are no longer angry at the Fab Five as it becomes a more and more mainstream take that the players should be paid and it becomes more and more blatantly obvious that 95% of power teams are cheating their asses off and have been for a very long time. And people are also just predisposed to clap no matter who is out there.


I don’t care that Chris Webber took money, and I don’t blame him for what happened to the program afterwards. But he’s not exactly cool with the rest of the Fab Five. He’s been the one holdout. If this were a basketball game and he showed up with the other 4 guys then yeah the crowd would go crazy, but I have a hard time thinking he’ll get that at a football game by himself.


Only if Jalen or Juwan is in town, Chris is probably too shy to go there alone.


It is just Chris’s introvert personality. there were never a public fall-out, more of he avoids going public with them, maybe he was still embraced by the timeout. Chris is a good person with a tender heart and he will choke up before the crowd on Saturday.


I don’t think he’d show up anywhere if Jalen was there. :rofl:


Would be awesome if they used this as their chance to reconnect. C’mon boys. It’s time to put the band back together!


I would bet its a very weak ovation at best.