Chris Webber Hall of Fame Weekend

Chris Webber going into the Hall of Fame this weekend… He sat down with ESPN for an interview that includes Jalen, Michigan, etc.


Does the ceremony take place at the same time as our football game?

7 pm on Saturday

Webber is my favorite athlete ever, but that doesn’t seem ideal.

Is a DVR an option?


The interview was insightful a bit. I guess I’ll wait for the book. So Jalen broke the code…that’s funny to me. I thought Jalen wrote the code…


It’s happening… :grin::grin:


Well this is going to end well. ::sigh::

I want this Webber thing to get resolved but if he is making stuff up and continuing his beef w Jalen, I have to put the drama on him. This is no indictment of the how the whole situation started but at this point it feels like Webber needs to get this resolved because I am guessing that he will get less and less sympathy


Webber lied? I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you!


Such a soap opera. Unpopular opinion: I don’t like Chris Webber. I don’t hate him or wish bad things on him but I find him unlikeable. It’s not about whether he lied about it or not. Why say it publicly in the first place? Just wait until Michigan honors you publicly and the apology is implied. I don’t get it.


Chris was the most exciting and talented player that Michigan has ever had. Just incredible. I feel bad that the system exploited him to the extent that it did. I don’t feel that upset about him taking money for that reason.

I have NEVER cared for the way he has handled just about every part of his relationship with Michigan since they got caught. Own your actions. And while he doesn’t have to feel sorry for what he did, he has never shown an ounce of responsibility or attrition for the impact his actions had on the program. Compare his actions to those of Rose and Juwan.

I loved watching him play…never liked his actions otherwise. I don’t care if they mend fences with Webber. I don’t care about the banners either. The fab five was great…it was also 25 years ago. I don’t need their drama in the headlines for another decade.


You said my thoughts exactly, only much, much better.


Is Juwan there? Also, how much do you think Juwan would have to accomplish as a coach to get inducted?

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He is


UM press release calls Webber a “Michigan legend”.


I will never forget the look on Webber’s face after it happened. I can only imagine. I agree with AC1997’s post. Great post. I have mixed feelings about re raising those banners. But I personally find it possible to make some space for Webber based on all he went through.

They showed only Juwan while Webber was speaking. A couple of days ago there was an article where Chris claimed that the rest of the fab 5 would be at the ceremony, but I did not see anybody other than Juwan. Anybody knows if Jalen, Ray and Jimmy were there?

Webber is clearly a sensitive and smart guy who, like a lot us, has created some real blind spots in his Personal Legend, to borrow from that crazy Brazilian author whose name I’ve forgotten (The Alchemist).

But Webber’s contributions to University when he was a student* so vastly outweigh his private neuroses that I really, really hope that Manuel does what’s necessary for their to be peace. There will never be a good time to bring the Fabs back and raise the banners again, which we should do. But the timing will only get worse as the Fabs and their fans (I’m first in line) age. Heaven forbid if detente cannot be reached while Juwan is coaching, because it will never happen afterward.

  • Yes he took $ and yes that had implications beyond his time as a student. But the U gave itself the death penalty. Neither the NCAA nor Webber did.

I can’t quite get behind that last statement. Are you suggesting that they shouldn’t have been punished that much? Are you suggesting that it wasn’t because of Webber’s actions that they had to even consider it?

Otherwise I agree that if they are going to mend fences, they should do it while Juwan is there. I am somewhat indifferent and explained myself earlier. But I will be cheering them on if they recognize the fab five and rehang the banners. Time has passed, Juwan is the coach, the NCAA has given up and allowed NIL.

That being said, I don’t think Warde needs to apologize…for what? If I am Warde I reach out and tell him that we want to celebrate Chris and the fab five, we want him to take his place as part of UMs history, we want to hang the banners, we want to welcome him back, we want him to stop by practice sometimes, to visit with our broadcasters, even to launch a vintage Webber jersey and split the money. But I don’t see why an apology should be part of it.

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