Chaundee Brown eligible to play in 2020-21


Nice to have two of the biggest stories off the offseason drop on the Friday before a noon UM/MSU football game. :wink:

Good news is that it is starting to really feel like basketball season. November is almost here.


Fab Friday!


What a sports day! Caleb Houstan’s committment and now this! Very, very happy


the combination is quite nice. Brown is somewhat of a luxury to the 2020/21 roster in that he may not even necessarily be a starter but he could have been a guaranteed starter the next season if he didn’t get the waiver. But the addition of Houstan makes the following season lineup that much stronger and less in need of Brown on the wing.


The new NCAA rules for this year says that the 2020-2021 season does not use up a year’s eligibility for anyone. So Chaundee Brown can play next year as well. In addition, if he does stay an extra year, he doesn’t count against the scholarship limit of 13. So he could play for 2 years!!


That’s awesome!

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Now this makes the day complete. :smiley:


Here is a good article that talks about special eligibility and scholarship limits for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022

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When’s the pod dropping? Weekend is no excuse, Dylan! :slight_smile:


Agreed! I honestly think that getting Brown cleared to play will give Howard another option to use offensively

By the letter of the law, yes. But if the season happens and the NCAA Tournament happens then I’m not really sure people will be lining up to come back for a second senior year.

I could be wrong but I would think most players are ready to start the next chapter of their life.

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Would they move on if Michigan is close to a National Championship and he knows he won’t get drafted for the NBA?

He was willing to sit a year and then play a year. Wouldn’t he be willing to play 2 years then?

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Brown has seemed to imply he was only planning on playing 1 season. Sure things can change but I assume he will be gone.

No one wants to say they plan to stay the extra year. It implies a lack of confidence in their pro opportunities after this season. What players who aren’t NBA prospects at the end of season will actually do is anyone’s guess at this point.


Maybe he’s overwhelmed with his wonderful experience here and stays, but otherwise seems unlikely. Even if not the NBA, maybe you just want to maximize your overseas earnings years rather than play another year for free.

Pandemic has me triggered every time I see something like that.

I feel very comfortable predicting that Wisconsin will return at least one or two of their five incoming seniors that aren’t on the NBA radar. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone on MSU ends up using that extra year of eligibility (and I’m legitimately not joking, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it’s Langford). I would be shocked if anyone on Michigan used it.

Edit: how terrifying would it be if Davison, Reuvers, Potter, Trice and Ford all came back for their second senior year in 2021-2022.