Charles Matthews (Transfer Commit)



Wow, I had never seen him in high school. I know Kentucky is talented and gets the best but still can’t believe he didn’t get on the floor more. He looks like the best recruit we’d have had in recent Memory based off that second highlight reel. Count me in emphatically. Make this happen.


He had to have been a top forty kid right?


42nd, #2 in state, #13 SG

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Jordan/Brand Classic game


That probably is more of a tribute to the talent Kentucky had, Ulis was returning. They brought in Briscoe and Murray, Murray is better than Matthews and Briscoe was probably ahead of Matthews.


I know but I’m saying he’s still impressive to get so little time. Seriously best recruit since Mitch right? He looks like an Xavier kid too but I’d sell him on our style change/ replacing Irvin like Dylan said. The Xavier kids are gaurunteed gone Irvin


Add donlan. Could you picture a 2017 pre game strengths on ESPN of great team defense and athleticism under our headline? Please be true/make it happen.


You’re right about the reasons for his lack of PT (although I think Matthews is a better long-term prospect than Briscoe).

I hope they put on the fullest of full court presses now, selling the way they make NBA players out of overlooked-but-talented guards. Personally I do think that, talent-wise, he would be the program’s best pickup since the 2012 class (but not quite at the level of our 2012 guys aside from Spike).


As a recruit though you don’t think he looked better then nick/ on level with Glenn? Not that he’s be better but off their senior films.


He looks better than the guys in the 12 class sans McGary. This is why I get a kick out of it people that say Michigan had a tough time recruiting when they had the likes of Hardaway/Stauskas/Levert. Great players aren’t afraid of competition as we can see Matthews committing while Murray/Briscoe/Ulis were there.


He looks better than the whole '12 class? I think he has a lot of potential, but let’s not get too far carried away about a guy who avg’d <2 pts and 2 rebounds per game last year. And yes, I know UK had talent to burn. And yes, I like him as a prospect. Just seems like the hyperbole is a bit over the top.


Actually, Matthews committed to Kentucky nine months before Briscoe did, and fifteen months before Murray did. Ulis had already committed, but since they don’t play the same position or have games which are remotely similar, I’m not sure why he matters to the discussion.


Well his tapes look better than Levert/Albrecht for sure. I would make the case for Robinson and Stauskas as well. Robinson didn’t really show the vision that we saw from Matthews in that brief tape and to me he seemed quicker with his moves and a better shooter. Stauskas had a good tape as well but didn’t seem as explosive as Matthews on that tape. Maybe Stauskas was always explosive but we didn’t see a lot of that in his first year. I don’t think that’s a criticism of the 12 class more of a compliment towards Matthews. That also doesn’t mean Matthews will equal that 12 class because they also had a POY in Burke and 1st round pick in Tim Hardaway to insulate those young guys.


Never let facts get in the way of a good narrative. :slight_smile:


How did Matthews sign in February of 2014 when he was a 2015 recruit?


It isn’t necessarily a narrative. Great players want to play with great players. It may not exactly fit the Matthews comment but it certainly fits players that commit to Kentucky in general. I would also add Calipari has had very few transfers I believe 3 now? Matthews, Wiltjer, Lee?


He could play that Glenn Robinson role on offense. Hes 6 foot 6 and a year of camp Sanderson could help him build a frame. I would love to see this


Very athletic but a bit mechanical and methodical when using his dribble to create and score, but very explosive. Reminds me of GRIII. A bit too upright when ball handling; reminiscent of THJ
I don’t see Matthews as a 4 but I wouldn’t rule it out either. See Novak and GRIII.


Ulis is relevant to the discussion because as a small true PG, he forced Murray and Briscoe – elite point guards all – to play the 2 (and 3) spots, eating up Matthews’ opportunities at his normal position. If Matthews had stayed, he’d be behind Monk, Gabriel, Briscoe, and possibly Willis. Despite that, he’s an elite prospect and would be a huge upgrade to the talent on the roster.

To those expressing some doubt or reservations: Is he a flawless player? No, but compared to say Aleem Ford or Baruti or Aubrey Dawkins he’s in the stratosphere.


I think you’re misunderstanding my point. I would love to have Matthews, and have never compared him to someone like Baruti. I understand why minutes were scarce at Kentucky. My response was to Albrecht who said that Matthews committed to Kentucky after Briscoe, Murray and Ulis, proving that great players weren’t afraid of competition. However, when Matthews committed to Kentucky, they didn’t have commitments from either Briscoe or Murray and he was slotted to play wing opposite Ulis who had not yet enrolled at Kentucky, and was, at the time, viewed as a very good, but not elite PG whom Kentucky only pursued after missing out on Mudiay and Jones.


Fair enough, I did misunderstand.

I would just add that there was a lot of consternation in the Kentucky fanbase about missing on Jaylen Brown and having to play a three-guard lineup, and plenty of folks wondered why Calipari indulged Briscoe as a third, smallish guard (who can’t shoot) rather than giving Matthews (a long wing) more run. But Calipari’s recruiting machine is built on stroking the egos of five-stars like Briscoe and I suspect that’s part of the reason why Matthews sat on the bench so much. I think Matthews would have had a solid freshman year at a more normal program.

Anyway, as a RS sophomore, I think he can make just as much impact as Poole, if not more, and I think any questions about “fit” are moot.


My thing is if we do land Matthews we must land a grad transfer who can play 3 and/or 4 or else this year it may be felt. We would need an immediate impact but not eat up another future scholarship.