Charles Matthews to withdraw from NBA Draft, return to Michigan



Congratulations Charles and welcome back from your NBA evaluation quest. I know that you put a lot of thought into your decision and I am sure that you made a good one. Your teammates, coaches and Michigan fans support you all the way.




I am so so pleased. For everyone involved.


Really Happy for him and his decision.


Really happy for myself and my fandom.


We will never know how declaring for the draft would have panned out, but I know most of us here that are able to put our “Michigan glasses” aside and look at the situation logically, truly believe he made the right decision for him.


This is huge for Michigan and the smart move for Charles. The hoops program has all the momentum right now. Maybe some of the good mojo will rub off on football


A lot of coaches in AA woke up smiling today.


Charles Matthews’ personal drive has Michigan excited for 2018-19


Mathews should be the top dog in BIG next year, play physical and play smart.


Can we expect Matthews and Simpson as co-captains?


Maybe just Matthews with Simpson and Teske taking it over in their senior years. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was like you said though.


This is what I’m expecting.


I think every Charles Matthew piece I’ve read since February (or March? whenever it was said) has mentioned the “Bambi on Ice” comment from Beilein, lol