Charles Matthews to withdraw from NBA Draft, return to Michigan


Congratulations Charles and welcome back from your NBA evaluation quest. I know that you put a lot of thought into your decision and I am sure that you made a good one. Your teammates, coaches and Michigan fans support you all the way.



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I am so so pleased. For everyone involved.


Really Happy for him and his decision.


Really happy for myself and my fandom.


We will never know how declaring for the draft would have panned out, but I know most of us here that are able to put our “Michigan glasses” aside and look at the situation logically, truly believe he made the right decision for him.


This is huge for Michigan and the smart move for Charles. The hoops program has all the momentum right now. Maybe some of the good mojo will rub off on football

A lot of coaches in AA woke up smiling today.

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Charles Matthews’ personal drive has Michigan excited for 2018-19

Mathews should be the top dog in BIG next year, play physical and play smart.

Can we expect Matthews and Simpson as co-captains?

Maybe just Matthews with Simpson and Teske taking it over in their senior years. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was like you said though.

This is what I’m expecting.

I think every Charles Matthew piece I’ve read since February (or March? whenever it was said) has mentioned the “Bambi on Ice” comment from Beilein, lol

That list is sorted by their top-25 and then the best prospect on each team.

You’re right, would help to pay attention a little closer. Disregard.

I still think that it is an interesting article. When you start evaluating the NBA talent on a team or “best draft prospect,” I think that it is telling the overall quality of a team (caveats applied that the most talent doesnt mean best team but there is definitely a correlation). When a top 10 team’s best prospect is a very raw and not established prospect, I feel like it is an indicator that the team really might not be that good. I am looking at you Marcus Bingham and MSU


Not always though. Think about Michigan 2 years ago… DJ Wilson would have been their best draft prospect (probably even 3 years ago) but wasn’t the best or most important player.

Notable how many teams have their best draft prospect as a senior early on in the list. Those aren’t the one-and-done types, but speaks to the idea that good teams have experienced pieces.

I dont disagree with that. That is fair but doesnt really disprove the point of: what NBA talent is there really on this MSU team? Ward and Winston are fine college players but dont see either of them ever sticking in the league. Who on their roster could conceivably ever be in the NBA? If it falls to a raw and not established freshman in Bingham as the only real chance a few years down the road, that doesnt bode well for a team. I think if there arent any real NBA prospects on a team, there will likely be a cap to how good a team can be. Top 10 preseason implies, to me, that there is pretty good faith that a team will be good that year. I dont see it given MSU’s roster.

DJ Wilson may have been our “best” NBA prospect, but that certainly doesnt mean that he was our only NBA prospect. I dont see any legitimate NBA prospects on MSU right now… but i might be showing my homerism

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