Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


He will, for sure. But unless he really shoots it well I see him coming back to work on that, and his ballhandling.


A little off topic but speaking of someone monitoring the forum… my love for the Rochester kids who were highly rated the last three years has been well documented. I talked about naz Carter, j Williams, and Isaiah Stewart since they pretty much entered high school and it became clear they were high major talent.

At one point last year there was a section dedicated to the all greater Rochester team like every year for basketball. That day I took a i picture of those three in the paper as all three listed Michigan as schools they were considering / recruiting them hard. I talked to a person who knows the first two very well and he said as far as he knew there was never any serous contact if any at all. I’m convinced to this day that some Lazy reporter and my local paper just googled their names and " basketball recruiting " and wrote down what popped up. At the time ( early in naz and jeenathan recruitment) if you typed those things into google my rants in this forum were the first thing to pop up in google.

I’m convinced some idiotic dnc reporter printed that based off of my rants. Saw Michigan and their names in a heading on the search for recruiting and ran with it as opposed to doing his research or speaking to someone. wish I could hace spoke one of them into existence. Or made one of them go " hmm , that isn’t a bad idea maybe I should reach out! " end of my random story


The DnC (Democrat and Chronicle) is in love with Beilein and if any kid that is good, they’ll say that UM is recruiting him. Same thing happened when he was at WVU. I went to college at Brockport and I understand completely. I’ve seen quite a few of those guys over the years in Calvin Betts, Dane Miller, the McQuaid guys, etc.


Great news for CM ! I hope he nails it at the combine. If he convince teams that he can be developed he’ll get drafted.


Charles Matthews stays in the draft, forcing Brazdeikis into starting role which parlays into one and done. Boom 3 scholarships


From what I know, that situation has a very good chance of being reality.


Oh boy. CM really on his way out? Even if he’s not getting a first round grade?


It’s not 100% in any way. He felt very confident that if he got an invite, he’d play pretty well at the combine.


Gotcha. I hope he does…while it would obviously be great for the team and fans to have him back, the nice thing is the way JB has recruited makes there no huge doomsday scenario. Iggy could jump right into that featured role and I wouldn’t be too concerned. And if CM could sneak into the first round somehow with a great combine performance, that would be yet another huge win for JB, the program and Charles as well.


All the best to Charles as he explores making his dream of making it to the NBA a reality. Only hope he is surrounded with folks that are looking out for his best interest when he eventually makes his decision.


If Matthews ends up in the draft that would be quite a hit to the defense next year.


I’m thinking the same thing. I think Matthews and Livers had the making of one of the best starting Forwards on ball defender duos in college basketball. They both move their feet extremely well.


If CM measures well in the combine, I can see teams taking a chance with him. He does not yet have handling and outside shooting typical for NBA guards, but he does have a nice pull-up and showed a lot of poise in the paint during the long post-season.


Towards the BTT and thru the NCAAT Matthews finally became comfortable incorporating jump stops, pump fakes, and pivots into his repertoire to the vast improvement in his game. He’s going to be dynamite if he comes back.


Judging by our own @johnmiller, he seems to be in good company!


Yeah, I’m tickled for Charles, but crying.


It really depends on how he shoots it, I think.


I can’t see a scenario where Matthews would be comfortably projected as a first round pick with this loaded of a draft. Next year, however, is a totally different story. I think if he goes to the league as a second round pick without developing enough to earn a roster spot he’d spend a lot of time in the G-League.


Based on what other people are saying as well, it sounds like he is gone if he gets any sort of validating feedback.


Question is what’s considered validating? Will be drafted or has a chance to sneak into first round?