Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


Yeah I’d be interested in this as well. Maybe just above average vertical leap but elite in the agility drills?


From draft express…

Charles Matthews has tremendous size for an NBA shooting guard standing 6’6 with a 6’9 wingspan and a 189-pound frame. Matthews is a lean athlete with great explosiveness. His 41.5 inch maximum vertical leap is terrific.


I always assumed that too. Doubt CM feels that way.


I forgot about those Kentucky combines. I’ll have to look at his numbers later.


Yeah, his numbers were compared to LaVine at that event. I’m just curious how he ranks in terms of the actual crop testing this year (under combine pressure) and how that is received.


Happy for Charles…the big stage helped his brand. I hope he comes back, he needs a year working on the jumper and extending his range. The kid has serious potential, tough to find minutes in the NBA. He is a beilein kid now and that carry’s weight in the league…you never know! Not much is made of this but JB’s kids have a great work ethic and know how to get better. The fundamentals are drilled into them everyday…do work…do good! More work…more results!


Great for Charles if it works out but this is way different than DJ Wilson last year. Professional scouts were much higher on him than anything I’ve heard on Matthews.

I do think defensively he provides something that’s intriguing but with zero shot and limited handles he doesn’t do anything offensively that scouts will salivate over. To his credit he finished the post season playing his best basketball but just to look at his big ten stats. 10 ppg, just over 41 pct shooting overall, 2 apg and 0.5 steals per game. I have to think scouts want to see more than that from a 3rd year college player.

By all means he should test the waters but I’d be shocked personally if he went 1st round and would be fairly surprised but not shocked if he went 2nd round.


OK, I think there is a mountain of difference between Wilson and Matthews. In short, Wilson displayed the skills one needs in the NBA for his position - he defended 4’s and 5’s, showed he could run a pick and roll as a ball handler, play both the roll and pop out of a ball screen, block shots, rebound, shoot.

Matthews has essentially showed none of the skills the NBA will want as a two guard. He can’t, as he is today, be a secondary ball-handler in the NBA. He certainly can’t shoot his weight for the position (the most important thing). He can defend.

If he comes out next year and knocks down 35% of his threes, his Mikal Bridges. Waiting a year could literally be worth millions.


I figure that CM’s going for the feedback from the NBA, but I also wonder if players declare without an agent for the networking part of the combine experience to get in front of NBA scouts and decision makers a year before they actually intend to enter the draft. Plus all they need is one team to be convinced to draft them (in the first round) this year, and staying home doesn’t accomplish that.


The flip side is that you can be exposed a bit if you go and perform poorly.


Does anyone know how students navigate their education requirements while exploring the draft process? Does the NBA allow for finals week?


I have no idea, but I’d guess they have to ask for extensions and do a lot online. When I was at Cal athletes had access to the lecture notes via note-taking services that would cover the bigger classes.


There aren’t any superstars toward the end of the first round. Anything could happen, Draft CM who has the physical ability to play in the NBA and try to develop him.


NBA combine invites went out on Friday. Has anyone seen a full list anywhere? I’ve seen 5 Kansas players, Brian Bowen and Tyus Battle, but haven’t seen anyone else, including our guys.


Based on the guys you listed there, I’m gonna think there is a near zero chance that Charles got invited.


I can see Charles not getting an invite but Moe not being invited would come as a surprise.



Didn’t think Charles would get a combine invite — good for him… but maybe not so good for Michigan because I think he will test out very well athletically.


I think the 247 guys monitor this forum, lol. They posted this tweet in an article like 30 minutes after I posted, and this was originally tweeted like 7 hours ago.

Doing their work for them!


He will test well athletically, but may not do as well in shooting and ball handling drills compared to others. If he shows out, good for him