Caleb Houstan, Moussa Diabate and Kobe Bufkin named to McDonald's All-American roster

Matt Steigenga 1988 was from South Christian. Won dunk contest too.

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I’m really (pleasantly) surprised that Bufkin made it. Typically this list is the top 24 kids give or take a few and despite his recent movement Kove is pretty far from that. Perhaps the team who put this together just grabbed our recruiting board from UMHoops since just about all of these names are on it and forgot to take Kobe off. :wink:

What’s RCMB?

On the banks of the Red Cedar
There’s a board that’s known to all
Its specialty is trolling
And those Sparties have a ball


Just be glad you don’t know


You’re right. I totally forgot about him

Really? When I was a voter there wasn’t much politics. There are thousands of votes by people affiliated with BCAM I don’t know what level of campaigning would help anyone. maybe I just wasn’t important enough to woo.

Well if it makes Michigan State fans feel better I won’t complain when they claim Emoni Bates next year. :wink:


Big flex.


How long until Howard recruits a player that is picked as high or higher than he was?

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Red Cedar Message Board :upside_down_face:

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I wouldn’t be surprised to see the MSU forums talking about how Juwan is “yet to land a 5-Star native to the USA” and Izzo can recruit better and how Juwan isn’t gonna be able to recruit well :joy::joy:


Ah. I have never visited a MSU or OSU (or any other U) message board. At least not that I can remember.

I visit other boards occasionally. I was on Eleven Warriors after the Ohio State game and a poster on there actually said something to the effect of “Sueing actually made two mistakes on the behind the back turnover, the pass AND not taking Livers out so he couldn’t make the layup for the ‘and one!’”. Crazy stuff!

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What years? Who were some of your #1 picks, that didn’t win it?

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Believe it

I voted for Valentine over Costello in 2012, and Walton over Morris in 2013, Sumner over Thrower in 2014 (I think, I’m not sure). After that I mostly voted for winners (Davis, Winston, Livers). I think I voted for Johns or DJJ over Loyer, probably DJJ.

I think the idea of “politics” in Mr BB voting is more that everyone sort of has an opinion based on other things (location, friends, opinions, etc.) so people call that politics. I don’t think it is really about politicking in that sense.

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That reminds me of the McD game in 1991 where Michigan had the largest number of invitees (4) ever, in Rose, Webber, King and Howard. A great game, where Webber won the MVP scoring over 25 points, battling it out with the big dog Glenn Robinson, dunk for dunk. The same day King won the slam dunk competition with some help from Howard.

If one can find this game recording, please post it.


Fair enough. I can see that. I voted fir Walton over Morris because of Michigan for sure. They were both great players and either would have been a great choice.

So often the top players are all “awesome” and there is no wrong (or “right”) choice.