Caleb Houstan, Moussa Diabate and Kobe Bufkin named to McDonald's All-American roster


Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since we’ve landed one. And to get three is a clear shift in our recruiting process.


Honestly while juwan is here, the stat to follow will be juwan vs the entire rest of the b1g when it comes to signing mcdaa.


Wow im shocked that Bufkin made the cut. Was there any expectation he would make it?


The fact that more names than ever ring a bell, goes even beyond Michigan’s three, to point out Coach Howard’s reach for the stars recruiting.


There was buzz that he was going to move up in the rankings but being a McD AA wasn’t one of the potential consequences I was thinking about


It’s been a while since I’ve mustered any interest in this, but now I relish that Juwan has found the secret sauce to let us catch up with the burger boy kings. I just hope they’re not all one-and-bun.


Little reaction thus far on RCMB, but a mention that Michigan’s PR team must’ve spent money to get Kobe on the team and that Brooks is the Mr. Basketball front runner anyway (after like 4 games?)

Well would have been interesting, but Bufkin definitely won’t win Mr. Basketball now because of his injury. Brooks isn’t a guarantee though. Roper will have a legit shot too since OLSM is the top team in the state and Brooks’ team is just ok

We FINALLY get a Mickey Ds recruit - and not only do we get 3 in one year but of course it’s the year they’re not playing the game :man_facepalming::joy:


The little tidbits of Spartan hate I’ve seen for the Bufkin pick is quite delicious


Well this is great for these three. Congrats to Caleb,Moussa and Kobe. All your hardworking pays off.

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Wasn’t that Loyer kid Mr. Basketball, too? :wink: :grin:


Yes he just beat out DDJ. I KNOW YOU’RE BEING SARCASTIC here. You wonder how much politics goes into the voting process though.

Uhhhh, it does. I actually feel bad posting what I did because Foster Loyer really is a good kid, and truly, no matter who they play for I honor all good kids. In the right program he’d be doing well, just not Michigan or State. He wouldn’t see the floor for us and, well, State is State. And, yes, I was being sarcastic! :grin:

Juwan is going to recruit well. Fact.


I believed it. (you)


There’s a lot of politics involved in Mr Basketball voting.

Nice to see a Grand Rapids native make the McDonald’s All-American but Bufkin isn’t the first GR native to make it (Devin Booker was since he grew up in Grandville area before moving to Mississippi in his last two years of HS).

Always thought the McDonald’s connection to basketball was weird but had a friend that would eat it before games and I know Kobe Bryant would as well.