BTT 2021: Michigan vs. Ohio State Open Thread

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Cmon BJJ step up today!!

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Do they double Dickinson today? They didn’t double Williams down the stretch yesterday.

With Key, probably not. With Liddell, probably? I don’t think they want Liddell checking him 1 on 1 all night.

Curious if Washington is going to be Steph Curry today. Will probably know early if hits his first couple NBA step backs.

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Yes, an underrated aspect of this game is how much of a pounding they took against Williams, while Hunter didn’t have to do as much of the “banging“ yesterday

Been slacking lately. Let’s get this out of way, folks. Victory is now assured!winthegame


Can’t help but notice McGary in a suit because of his own season ending injury. Time to make a run like they did.


Just saw this livers news. I want to puke. I really thought this might be their year. I think Johns will come through but I just can’t see a title without Isaiah.

Why!!! Eli beat up too. Terrible timing.

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To be fair, I had a pretty good reason to not be around much during the game yesterday.

I am FINE.


Love that gif! And supports my Spike reference. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck man!


Brandon Johns replaces Isaiah Livers in the starting lineup.

Musa Jallow replaces Kyle Young.


Alright boys! Fight, claw, scrap…maybe don’t threaten to kill anyone haha but lets give them one hell of a fight today. Go Blue!!!

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Hartford just qualified for its first-ever bid, on their home court. It’s so sad seeing them celebrate without a crowd to come and dance all around them. It’s still better than 2020, though. #LookOnTheBrightSide

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Thanks. I’m back home today to watch the game and post nonsense. Again, I’m good. I hung out with a lot of folks who were in worse shape. Gives a fella some perspective. That way, I can’t be too upset when I only got to watch from halftime to Juwan getting the heave ho. I was able to check back here and Twitter later on to piece together what the heII happened.

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Hartford? Holy Vin Baker flashbacks.


Yep — Baker never played in the Big Dance.

I don’t understand starting Johns. Mike Smith, Eli, Franz and Chaundee need to be playing 36+ minutes a game. I have very little faith in Johns at the 4.

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