Bracketology Open Thread

Texas in a good one against Oklahoma. Just rattled off a 12-0 run to take the lead.

That win just keeps getting better for Michigan, especially if they can hang on down the stretch.

Still need 1 more win regardless. 2 to make it totally safe in case of surprise conference tourney winners

Palm still the least bullish on Michigan, playing in the first four.

Lunardi has them as a 9 seed though.

Texas just rattled off a 24-0 run to win this game. Unreal.

Texas RPI jumps to 18 with the win. That’s three top-25 wins for U-M (Maryland, Texas, Purdue)

We were thinking alike. Michigan beat Texas before the Ridley injury, too. I don’t get how Texas was ever considered “not a tournament team”.

Yes we need another win since the refs stole our Maryland sweep! Still bitter

Also I’d rather be a ten or eleven then an eight nine. Eight nine is tough spot. Although I wouldn’t mind playing nova second round.

If my team was a 2 seed I’m begging to head out East in Nova’s bracket. So State will be there again watch

Because of their schedule. Texas earned their tournament bid and seed. That schedule down the stretch looked brutal. 7 of their last 10 games against ranked opponents. They made no excuses and got it done.

What do people think of Miami?

Hopefully Kentucky beats Vanderbilt.

I think the one big issue is if you put Michigan in a blind resume test against other borderline teams Michigan doesn’t stack up very well. This is just at this moment if Michigan wins another conference game they would be in but they’re still clear underdogs in their remaining games.

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I want to play teams like Dayton Nova Wichita St if I’m UM at some point in the tourney

Who specifically?

Vanderbilt for example blind resume test most would give Vanderbilt the edge but Lunardi has Vandy in a play-in game. Syracuse would be another example they were listed as one of the last four with a bye. Cinci would be very close as well Lunardi has them as a play-in game as well.

Lunardi’s last update was before yesterday when Vanderbilt beat Kentucky, correct?

Yes, the resume for Vandy still looked even to Michigan if not a bit better.

Here’s Vandy’s resume:

Before the win over UK, Michigan had basically 3 wins as good as Vandy’s best win (Tex A&M). Vandy also has the bad losses (Ark, Miss St.) that Michigan’s resume lacks along with a couple more top-100 wins.

That being said, the Kentucky win is a huge boost for them and that would be the sort of boost Michigan would get for beating Iowa next weekend.

Eye test eye test eye test. It was just said on cbs. You guys can compare all you want. How you are playing late in the season really matters.

Getting blown out in games can really come back and haunt Michigan with the committee

If we lose today and to Iowa, then win 2 in the big ten tournament, I can see us making it. If we win today or Iowa with 2 in the big ten tournament, it should be no doubt

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