Bracketology / Bubble Watch Thread (2016-17)


Lunardi has us as a 6 now. Some say that the B1G final won’t have any impact on the brackets because it ends too late. If so, our fate is already sealed.


That really diminishes the value. Of course a banner is a banner, but if that were the case, then why not make it a 1pm game? I suppose moving the tournament a week earlier, next year, will help.


I’d have to give the Committee enough benefit of the doubt to think that, at this point, they’ll have contingency brackets…one if Wisky wins, one if Mich wins. Especially since we’re probably two teams near the same seed line.


I read a tweet somewhere that made a logical point. The committee may already have a 6 and 7 seed saved in a pod for both teams. Whoever wins gets the 6 and who loses gets the 7.


did we recruit ec Matthews? what was the story on him? my memory is failing me.


Everything you need to know for Selection Sunday - Sports Illustrated


Wow Wisconsin an 8. May mean we’re a 7.


Whew, avoided Duke as a 2 if we are a 7.


SMU at 6 doesn’t bold well for us…


Wisconsin also got a Thursday game. Let’s hope they reserved Friday for the winner


We should be 6 or 7 regardless


I won’t complain if we’re a 7 and Oregon is the 2. With Boucher out that would be a good matchup.


Little worried now that Michigan will get screwed out of at least a 6. Everything was close to bracket matrix except for South Carolina. Wisconsin being an 8 is not good


I was going to say the same thing. Doesn’t exactly show much strength for the B1G. Wonder if this puts MSU more on the bubble than thought.


Sure seems like they deserve a play-in game, but cant help but to feel Izzo can will them to the round of 64 seeding


I’ll take a 7 over 6 if it means MSU getting snubbed.


Ok if we’re not a 6 after that MSU BS then Hollis fixed it and this is corrupt


Hollis takes care of his guys. A 9? What a joke.


Sparty gets a 9?


Hmm Purdue and msu both higher than j would have thought