Bracketology / Bubble Watch Thread (2016-17)


100% agree, I just hate people saying the bubble gets weaker every year.

That’s perfect evidence above that last year’s resume was weaker than this year. They should be in no matter what if the bubble is that weak.


This Furman as a top-100 RPI win thing might be coming to an end. Down 52-46 in the SoCon quarters with under 5 to play.


Could replace that Furman win with two other top 100 wins this week though.


Some interesting results when playing around with the kenpom game predictor link Dylan passed through.

Looking at some potential 8/9 opponents and 1/2 seed opponents, seems clear Kenpom doesn’t want us to face Gonzaga or Oklahoma St.

About a 3 pt favorite in most 8/9 projections and 3-5 point dog in 1/2 matchups. (Only be a 1 pt dog to Arizona)


Nebraska and PSU are both in the RPI high 90s and play each other – the loser will probably drop just out of the top 100 with Furman. We want Nebraska to win because we beat them twice and because we all like Tim Miles. At least they both can’t lose. Doesn’t matter in terms of getting in, in all likelihood, but looks better for seeing to have more top 100 wins.


Dylan tweeted it last night, but LaVall Jordan has got Milwaukee one win short of the NCAA Tourney in his first season. With a win, they’d be the worst team (record wise) to qualify for the tournament.

Not a fan of single elimination tournaments deciding NCAA bids, but happy for Jordan if they get it.


I’ll be rooting for Milwaukee tonight for sure.

Also will be rooting for Mount St. Mary’s - nice to see another one of our non-conf opponents having the chance to make the field (not sure why this satisfies me, as it does nothing for our resume lol)


Most likely wouldn’t Milwaukee just be in one of those play-in games to see if they make the tournament?


That’s still part of the tournament


I guess if you believe the tournament is 68 teams. I still consider the tournament 64 teams.


Ok? NCAA believes its 68, which is why some conference tourney champs get in those play in games.


Yeah… winning the league tourney to get a NCAA Tournament bid wouldn’t be an accomplishment at all. Not in your first year as a head coach. Not after three starters transferred. Nope, not at all. The REAL tournament is 64 teams. [/sarcasm].


If I read it right, Milwaukee beat Northern Kentucky by 10 at home and lost by 6 on the road. Game is in Detroit. Cool place for Coach Vall to get a monster win!


Wrong Dylan. Tournament doesn’t actually start until the Elite 8 because the first tournament was only 8 teams. Beilein has only made the tournament 3 times in his entire career! Sad!


Well, when it comes to a small school story like Milwaukee I can totally see them being happy to make the play-in game. It would be a great accomplishment for them.

For a school like Michigan though, I wouldn’t have been happy at all to have made and lost the play-in game last year. Even with the win in the play-in game, I still consider last year to have been a first round exit, because for Power 5 schools, the tourney doesn’t really start until the round of 64…


The tourney literally starts with the first play in game. There is no debating that.

And I doubt there are very many P5 teams that are happy with even just making the round of 64 (unless it’s their first bid in a while or something like that). I know I wasn’t happy with exiting to Notre Dame last year.

I don’t really care if you’re an 11 seed that made the play in round or that was placed in the first round. That’s a subjective placement based on subjective criteria. I’m not going to get worked up about it. Still want to win the game if that’s where we are. But I am not going to say we didn’t make the tournament if that happens.


There you go taking the comment out of context. Solid job by both you and Dylan being condescending :+1:


Solid job playing victim on an Internet forum :joy:


Aww, poor little guy.


Interesting coincidence that two of those departed Milwaukee starters may also wind up being contributors to NCAA tournament teams - Springs at Minnesota and Arians at Wake Forest. Whatever problems led to Rob Jeter being fired at Milwaukee didn’t include recruiting.

Speaking of recruits - the leading scorer for UIC in their semifinal loss to Milwaukee was Chicago red-shirt sophomore Dominique Matthews, whose younger brother Charles is impersonating opposition wings for Michigan this year. If Charles is more athletic than his older brother - well, he must be pretty damned athletic.