Bracket Watch: March 11th, 2019

Michigan’s seeding I think is going to depend on how heavily the committee factors in NET. Ditto for three ACC teams getting a one-seed. I think that would bode well for Michigan getting a two-seed.

Why are people slotting us to the south?

Do the projected assigned regions have any credibility whatsoever or is it random. I have no idea what the “experts” are basing this on. Do they look at the other 2 seeds (besides Michigan) and then assign them based on proximity? If so, that would only be accurate if they got all the other 2 seeds picked correctly.

When people project the brackets they usually follow the same principles as the committee. They seed the teams 1-68 and then bracket them following the committees rules.

Right, but what I was asking for was someone super smart to take those principles, apply them to the current field and explain why Michigan is in the South with Duke and Kentucky, also what I should root for to make sure that doesn’t happen! :wink:

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It really only takes one different decision to throw all of that out of wack. Not really something that you can “root” for.

At the bottom of the post Joe talks about the best way Michigan can get to the 2 line and who to root against. That’s the best way to avoid the scenario you are talking about.


NDSU is in from the Summit League. They’re #225 in NET going into tonight. That has to assure they’re a 16 seed, right?

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That’s the best thing ever!

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Think the top 3 lines being seeded and top 7 kind of being in their own group probably caps Michigan as the 7th or 8th overall team on the S-curve, and limits them to a 3 seed at worst (not a surprise). Just think once a team is locked in, it’s harder to move that team around a lot.

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How to read this? Does “top 3 lines are seeded” mean they know the 12 teams with a 3 seed or higher and don’t expect anybody to break into that group?

“Transparency” exercises like this drive me crazy. What does it mean to say the the top 12 teams are “seeded”? They can’t shift over championship week? Why say that 28 at larges are selected. This kind of stuff reminds me of all the CFP shows throughout the season.


Which 7 teams are in contention for 1 seeds? Virgina, Gonzaga, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan st.? Do we have any chance at it if we win the big ten tourny? Likely not but here’s to hoping. Likely we get a 3 with a loss tonorrow and a 2 or 3 with a win tomorrow. (2 with 2 wins or more)

They didn’t say which 7 teams, but I would imagine the 7 you listed are accurate.

I have to think LSU over MSU but that is just my opinion. Winning the SEC outright and beating UK and Tenn means quite a bit I would guess.

Just get ready to be the top 3 seed guys.

Does the top 3 seed mean being paired with a weaker 2 seed or 1 seed? I know the answer won’t be the same every time, given they look at geography in the balance as well, but are either those a generally-expected result.

Without regional considerations, it’s strong 1, weak 2, strong 3

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For those hoping for a 2 seed for Michigan, one of two primary competitors — Texas Tech — is down 9 at half to lowly West Virginia. To be honest, I still think TTU pulls it out from what I saw in the 1st.

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