Bracket Watch: March 11th, 2019


WVU is choking so hard. Up by 16 with 8 mins left. Texas Tech goes on a 22-5 run to take the lead


I was wrong! Went down 1 after being up 16, but WVU pulled it out late.


I see that Lunardi has us out west with the Zags. Would need to beat FSU in such a scenario, and they are scary good at times, and LSU is the three there, by his reckoning. But would relish being the white hats and beating the bad hats if if came to that.

Signed, Big Dance the Accidental Rapper


Looking at some of the bracket projections, the 7 seeds look stronger than the 5 and 6 seeds. Marquette and Villanova are projected in that area and they are not much better than 8 seeds to me. A lot of projections have Louisville as a 7, which would be killer for whichever 2 seed draws them.