Boston College fires Jim Christian / Howard Eisley a candidate

Catholic school in the NE, yeah that’s perfect for JB. Still can’t imagine he’s up for another rebuild at his age though


Beilein can do far better than BC if he wants back in to coaching. He’d be a far better fit for a struggling top major or a program on the cusp.

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Wow. Is Point #3 there really going to be how he’s perceived? That GIF justified? I wasn’t there, I can’t say, I can’t look into heart and minds to know what’s truly there. But that just hurts to hear about our guy there.


Bomani Jones and Charles Barkley defended Beilein on the perceived racist comment FWIW. The player didn’t like him and leaked it to the media even though Beilein apologized about it immediately long before the leak.


The Coaching Changes guy has just always been an asshole. I don’t think the slugs comment is actually going to affect JB in the future.


Obviously it can be used to recruit against him. Assuming what we think we all know about Beilein, well, it’s a cruel world out there.

Do you think so? He’s opinionated, that’s for sure. Seems to be a bit values-driven, so maybe is reaching for an opinon here that’s more of a hottake?

The Coaching Changes account is run by a bunch of people and is an account ran to be especially provocative. I wouldn’t read too much into it, ever.


Clown has his replies blocked too so people can’t even comment about his slander


Well that makes perfect sense then, given what I’ve seen from it.

I’d take more from the avi than the opinion given.

Why do you say that? Feels like that’s the only kind of job that fits him. It is what he’s done through his whole career. He also has a system that requires a fair amount of teardown that is always going to leave the first couple of years as a “rebuild” in some ways.

You aren’t just going to plug him in some successful program and have everyone there buy in to how he operates.


If his name’s in the running, does that likely mean he’s at least examining openings? I have a hunch that if he were determined to stay retired we might know it.

Plus last years (assumed) national championship with 3 new members of the coaching staff :wink:

I like to see JB going to ACC, and Eisley deserves a shot at the job too, but Moser might be the most natural hire for them.

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Beilein is 68, but he is younger than 5 current coaches in ACC. Beilein is 2.5 year younger than Roy, who, at 70, is younger than Larranaga (71), Hamilton (72), Coach K (just past his 74th birthday), and Boeheim (76).


But those guys are established there. They didn’t just get hired. There aren’t too many cases of a guy in his late 60s getting a new job, I don’t think. Larry Brown and Tubby Smith are two I can think of.


You’re right, butthat doesn’t mean he’d be up for the painstaking crawl out of the basement for a payoff he might not be around to see.

The guys been to two Final Fours. Entirely possible sneaking into the tourney with a bunch of Zack Novaks isn’t as appealing as it was 15 years ago.

Age would definitely still be an important factor, but having so many aging coaches in the same conference makes it less concerning. JB is also the most sure thing among all the potential candidates, someone out of BC’s reach under normal circumstance.

Did Christian want to get fired?? I know he was quite vocal when administration still thought it was a good idea to only have a game with 6 players and 4 student managers against FSU. Fortunately it did get postponed/cancelled.