Big Ten Week 2 Open Thread

Big injury news of the week James Blackmon Jr. undergoing surgery

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - After thorough testing and evaluation, it has been determined that the best solution for James Blackmon Jr., and his immediate and long-term health, is to undergo surgery on his right knee this afternoon that he injured last week in practice. He is second on the Hoosiers in scoring (15.8), which also ranks 10th in the Big Ten. He is third in the league in 3-point field goals made per game (2.8) and seventh in 3-point field goal percentage (46.3). In his two seasons with the Hoosiers, IU is 21-0 anytime he shoots 47.0 percent or higher from the field. A final determination of his status could be known as early as later today.

“This is a very tough outcome for our Indiana team, but most importantly for James,” said IU Coach Tom Crean. “He is establishing himself as one of the most elite guards in the country this season. I feel terrible for him and he has a tough road ahead of him but it is one he has been down before and we fully believe that this process will lead him to have an incredible future in the game at Indiana and well beyond. We look forward to helping him with his full recovery and I know he appreciates everyones thoughts, prayers and concerns.”

He had surgery this past summer on his left knee that kept him out of some summer workouts and had fully recovered.

Tonight’s action: Wisconsin at Indiana, Minnesota at Penn State, Nebraska at Iowa, Minnesota at Penn State

Blackmon is done for the season.

That really sucks for him and for Indiana. Wish him a complete recovery. We can certainly relate to major contributors getting injured.

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Indiana and Wisconsin in a real clunked here… 34-34 midway through the second half (ESPN)

Minnesota and Penn State also knotted up at 51 with 12:57 to go in the 2nd (BTN)

How did penn st have those defensive numbers? They are terrible on defense

Big win for Indiana in an ugly one… Nice play by Rob Johnson to poke the ball away from Wisconsin late in the half with the game on the line.

LOL. Refs just missed one of the most blatant goal tend calls I’ve ever seen in the Minnesota/Penn State game.

Right after I say that, psu locks it down on d to pull away

Was watching IU before I turned back… sounds like they said 16-0 run for the Nittany Lions?

Yea something like that. So weird to see a team go from giving up layups and uncontested threes, to forcing shot clock violations

Even without Blackmon the Hoosiers have a chance to start out very well already 3-0 and their next stretch of games


Should be favored in 5 or 6 of those games.

I can’t remember IU scoring that few points, especially in a win. I know it is Wisconsin, but still.

Yep. Ridiculously soft first half for Indiana. Wolverines could be hosting a 9-0, 8-1 type of Indiana team to start February.

Jarrod Uthoff can flat out get it done. Legit Big Ten Player of the Year candidate right now.

Faced three pretty average offenses, but Indiana has held its first three Big Ten opponents below a point per possession.

2 thoughts:
1: I just realized that the Penn State game was a great look ahead to what we will be like next year without Caris. I realize that we won’t always go on ridiculous 3pt shooting runs, but I am still really liking the look of the team next year and that’s before the recruiting additions.

2: I haven’t actually watched any Iowa games this year, so what’s the deal with Uthoff? He consistently puts up insane stats with volume and decent efficiency. Does he play stretch 4 or center? And lastly, what is his play style? (Point Forward, pick and roll screener, low post scorer, etc.)

He is a rangy slasher. I believe he plays primarily the 4 or 3 in their offense but he is mostly a perimeter player. Occasional post up against smaller players but he does his work attacking off the bounce or transition. He is a good outside shooter with a decent handle. His length allows him to score effectively around the rim or shoot over smaller defenders and he is a plus athlete. Reminds me a lot of andrei kirilenko without the refined low post game.

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Northwestern and osu are lighting it up tonight. i would say it’s time for them to turn the clock off and just play next basket wins, but I assume osu wants to travel home tonight.

Mitchell has come in for Ohio State and thrown some dimes in the second half. Could be a good piece for them but not an impressive offensive display from either team.

I think Northwestern really misses Olah.

I will say I like this kam Williams guy. Maybe he just has big games when I watch them, but he can shoot it. Surprised he doesn’t get more run for them considering how inconsistent some of their other guys are.