Big Ten Week 2 Open Thread

A random thing I noticed during our game against Penn State was that Aubrey Dawkins and Duncan Robinson looked MUCH better on defense than at the beginning of the year. Aubrey specifically caught my eye after stopping several isolation drives in a row and he looked focused and quick. Hopefully he’s gotten some of that confidence back.

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Trimble hits a 3 with 1 second left to beat Wisconsin 63-60

Wisconsin stayin’ the most overreated preseason team in the country?

I’m not gonna say I called that, but not gonna say I didn’t.

I agree. So many people thought that somehow Hayes and Koenig could carry them. They lost more than any team in the country except maybe UK (in terms of net loss of talent). The coaching change will be used as an excuse but the fact is that they’re just not very good.

Penn State is just not very good. Thank goodness we get them twice this season. We should easily beat them no matter where the game is. AA, MSG, or the YMCA.

Sad part is that I don’t think they are close to the worst team in the Big Ten. Minnesota and Rutgers are in a two-horse race for that honor. Nebraska and Illinois might be the next tier there where they could be dangerous at times, but have flaws.

U-M plays Rutgers once, Minnesota twice, Penn State twice and Illinois and Nebraska once,

Indiana and Ohio State should be interesting one today. IU’s offense against OSU’s defense, probably give the edge to IU at home, but an interesting spot for both teams.

So in essence we should have 7 wins that we can consider ours to take. Sure would like to know where we get a “quality” W at though? Hopefully Tuesday.

Eh, nothing is every straight forward on the road, but it just feels like there’s a much bigger bottom to the league this year.

Agreed. There are some extremely weak bottom feeders this year. Extremely WEAK.

I think you can safely call Iowa, Maryland, Purdue, MSU the top tier of the league right now.

IU, Michigan, Northwestern, Ohio State and Wisconsin (I guess?) are probably in that next group.

Indiana taking it to OSU early… Up 27-12 and the Hoosier offense is clicking.

Illinois, Penn State, Rutgers, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Wisconsin all struggle mightily to score consistently. We will have a big shot to beat all of these teams as they very frequently have long droughts that they can’t snap out of. Even our D should be able to compete with these offensively challenged editions.

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I haven’t seen IU play before today so I don’t know if it’s just that osu is bad. But I think IU maybe way underrated. With a senior yogi and Troy Williams, if they are getting some good stuff from the other guys they are gonna be real good.

Haven’t seen many first half beat downs like that

Ohio State had quit by the end of the first half…

Illinois up 49-39 early in the second half against Purdue.

Malcolm Hill playing great and Purdue switched Rapheal Davis off of Nunn onto Hill at the half and Nunn opens things up with a personal 9-0 run.

Great effort by Illinois. The refs called a game that a physical Purdue team can’t get away with. Illinois took full advantage. Great win for them.

It’s a game of match-ups.

Michigan>Illinois>Purdue>Michigan all in less than two weeks. Crazy.

Haha, Your comment reminded me of the AP poll in 2013 when we were competing with Kansas for who should be number 1. In the comment section on ESPN both fan bases were making ridiculous transitive property chains of 8+ to “prove” that their team was better than the other. They were 100% serious too!

As always with basketball games, it’s about matchups. Also probably can’t truly overlook the fact that Caris literally put the team on his back for the first half against Illinois.

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