Big Ten Tournament Discussion Thread


For some reason I feel best for Simmons. This year went nothing like he expected, but I’m sure this entire experience plus his time in the NCAA tourney will make it at least somewhat the right choice in his mind.


I love our seniors. All three have been tremendous this year especially down the stretch. It easy to look forward to next years class but I am really gonna miss those guys. Good win today and look forward to watching several more games starting in a few weeks


B1G Tournament Champions, baby! Back to back!! Go Blue!!!


Mrs. Wagner 8-0!!! What a team! What a coach!! What a mom!!! Go Blue!!!


Teske Medina Ohio baby !


Amazing that before 2017, only one team had ever won four games in four days in the BTT, and now we’ve done it two years running!

Whatever we pay Sanderson, he’s earned every penny.


Obviously have no issue with Mo winning MVP of the tourney…but I really think it was Xavier’s! The guard grave-yard he’s left in his wake is running out of room.


Man Beilein is one great human being. If you aren’t watching, make sure to catch his Big Ten postgame interview.

His humility admitting his faults on defense and what changed is so great. Proud he’s my school’s coach. Wouldn’t want anyone else as Michigan’s coach.


Can even make the argument for MAAR!


Ich bin ein Beileiner!


We are really, really lucky to have this man as our coach, in every way.


I’m right there with you! That huge smile on his face during the trophy presentation was priceless, and helps to show just how selfless these kids really are. It really is The Team, The Team, The Team! And Simmons is an important part of it.


Just letting whoever said “MAARch Madness” in the open thread know that I’m stealing it!


:sob: This is great.




Charles calling out a reporter for pestering Jaaron about not being a starter this year.


Oh dang, can we get a paraphrase?


I saw that too. I think it was an honest mistake by the reporter because I believe it was Zach Shaw, who seems like a good guy and never says anything negative.


Yup looked like Zach Shaw. Seemed harmless enough but Charles instantly said something like “man, y’all always ask him the same question. We told y’all he doesn’t care. He wants to win and we won. We wouldn’t be here without him”