Big Ten’s top 25 players for 2022-23 season: 5-1


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when you referred to “the other two bigs in the top five” I was hoping it was in a “zach edey is a BIG GUARD!” way rather than a “oh, i guess TJD is a forward” way


Also I’m just bad at counting :joy:

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Thanks to Dylan and @pabozich for this series and another great job handling it this year. A great offseason staple around here.


Murray seems high on the surface but that just shows the lack of top end talent in the conference imo

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Wouldn’t a guy who plays 32mpg and averages 17 and 7.5 on great efficiency/ 120+ ORtg while also being a plus defender be a all conference guy almost any year in any conference? Someone who NBA draft people expect to be a first round pick? It seems more like a question of how high you are projecting him to jump.

Literally all Murray really has to do to break out is play more. And I still haven’t figured out why he didn’t play more last year.


I see that Dylan won the battle for who should be #1. :joy:

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The biggest question for his breakout is he only played the 5 because his brother played the 4 30+ minutes. Will he be super efficient when guys like Hunter aren’t trying to guard him?

I’m not saying he couldn’t do that, but it seems like an adjustment. He’ll have to develop counters instead of just gliding by guys.

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But I do sort of ask myself “if he’s this good, why were his minutes so limited?”

Is this just Fran overthinking it? I know he’s basically the same position as his brother, but if he’s so good I think you play them together (as they did some) and figure it out without strict adherence to positional norms.

Foul trouble was at least part of it, I’d say. I think this one is pretty straightforward though that he’s going to be really damn good.

Not at all worried about whether he’s at the 4 or the 5. I feel like he spent time at both spots last year too.

Yeah I agree with the ranking, I just thought his minutes load was bizarre

Iowa is very much a platoon program though, usually only play one or two guys heavy minutes.,

Yeah, looking at it it seems like he was likely due to play 20-25 mins but played at foul out pace.

Yes. He would.

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Assuming he keeps the same efficiency as last year.

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In all fairness, Kris Murray HAD to sit so…Filip Rebraca…could…play?


I just knew Hunt would be #1 from the beginning. Thanks Dylan and your ITH partner for the work you put in to this. I still think at the end of the season that one or all 3 of Kobe,Jett and Yoyo will make the list. Which would mean M would be B1G Champs and yes I’m a homer. Go Blue and football too!:thinking::wink::slightly_smiling_face:


I am not sure what to do with this thought, but it struck me that very few players on this list could repeat their performance from last year and justify their spot on this list aside from HD and TJD. Everyone else is projected to make a leap either by role, minutes, experience, etc. That’s probably true every year but maybe it just feels like another example of how down the talent is this year.